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11 Wild Final Fantasy Fan Theories That Link the Games Together

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    Gilgamesh Proves the Final Fantasy Franchise Is a Multiverse

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    Some fans believe that all the games are connected or at least share a multiverse due to a single character: Gilgamesh. See, ol' Gilgamesh first appeared in Final Fantasy V and sacrificed himself by going through the dimensional vortex. As he went through, he said that his only regret was not fighting Bartz, one of the main FFV characters, one last time.

    But that wasn't the last time we'd see the multi-armed swordsman. Gilgamesh would appear in other Final Fantasy games, sometimes even mentioning Bartz by name. His sporadic appearances suggest that he's been jumping from game to game via dimensional portals.

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    Final Fantasy IV Is a Sequel to Final Fantasy II

    There are some things that both Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy IV have in common, aside from the fact that FFIV was originally titled Final Fantasy II in the United States (yeah, it's a bit confusing). In fact, FFIV might be a sequel that takes place 20 or so years after FFII.

    In Final Fantasy II, there is a young boy named Kain who wants to be Dragoon Knight. It is presumed that this boy is the son of the Dragoon Knight Ricard Highwind. In Final Fantasy IV, one of the main characters is a Dragoon Knight named Kain. In the Nintendo DS version of FFIV, Kain mentions that his father was named Ricard and that he died fighting an evil empire. Coincidence? 

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    Final Fantasy IX Took Place in the First Final Fantasy's World

    Some fans believe that FFIX took place years after the first Final Fantasy in the same world. The geographical boundaries in both world maps look similar and even have similarly named landmarks such as Mt. Gulg/Mt. Gulug. In addition to that, both games require the party to defeat the Lich, Marilith, Tiamat, and Kraken fiends.

    There is another big connection between the two games: a main villain named "Garland." When you defeat Garland in the first Final Fantasy, the game says he will be waiting for the Warriors of Light in the future. This could suggest that the Garland from FFI and the Garland in FFIX are the same guy.

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    Final Fantasy X and X-2 Are Prequels to Final Fantasy VII

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    In Final Fantasy VII, an organization known as Shinra Corporation taps into the Lifestream as a power source, providing electricity to all of the cities. One of the main missions of the game is to stop Shinra from draining the planet's life force.

    In Final Fantasy X-2, one of the NPC allies is a prodigy that reveals that he discovered the planet's life force and thinks its energy can be contained to fuel cities. The name of that NPC? Shinra.

    This theory believes that the world of Spira in Final Fantasy X/X-2 is just Gaia's world in Final Fantasy VII, but hundreds or thousands of years in the past.

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