The Best Final Fantasy Games

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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series of RPGs have been delighting gamers since the first one came out on the NES in 1987, but what are the best Final Fantasy games? To find out, thousands of gamers have ranked all the Final Fantasy games on this list, which includes the main numbered releases and side games. It doesn’t matter if the game came out on a specific console, if it was a portable release, or a mobile-only version, as long as it is a Final Fantasy game.

What makes a good Final Fantasy game? Is it the story, the characters, or the gameplay? The answer, obviously, is a combination of all three of those things and more. The best Final Fantasy games have memorable characters such as Sephiroth and amazing settings, such as Zanarkand. Of course, there are the great minigames as well, like Blitzball in Final Fantasy X or Triple Triad in Final Fantasy 8.

Though the FF franchise has been around since 1987, sequels are still being made and the franchise will likely continue to thrive well into the future. And unlike many other long-lived video game franchises, Final Fantasy hasn’t gone down in quality with age. Whether you’re playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake or are still scrolling through one of the SNES classics, you’re bound to have a good time.

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