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Reasons Why Final Fantasy XV Is Just Killing Players

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The much-anticipated release of Final Fantasy XV (the latest installment in one of the greatest RPG series of all time) has consumed some player's lives. But when you dive in to something so fully, there are bound to be some things that annoy you. If you’re not familiar with the game, Prince Noctis and his traveling bodyguards must evade the evil empire until they can avenge King Regis. Oh, and there's a lot of friendship. The main party consists of Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus.

Let's be clear: this is still a great game. This list is just the worst parts of Final Fantasy XV. The most disappointing things about Final Fantasy XV. The most glaring Final Fantasy XV problems.

Sorry, the thing is Final Fantasy XV sucks -- if you agree (or disagree), be sure to cast your vote in our list of all Final Fantasy games, ranked.

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    Iris Fights With A Stuffed Animal

    Photo: Square Enix

    Gadio’s sister Iris fights with a stuffed animal. Honestly, it's hard to say which entitiy is more ridiculous, the toy or the girl.

    Look, are Mogs adorable? Sure. But the fact remains that in the above image she’s about to attack a hyena with a plush toy. SPOILER: it's going to work, for some unfathomable reason. Realism has never been the strong suit of the Final Fantasy franchise, but fans should at least get a modicum of sincerity with their battles. Otherwise everything just feels too low stakes. 

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    Gladio Is One Of The Cheesiest Characters Ever

    Photo: Square Enix

    This is Gladio. Everyone in this game is a little bit of a cheeseball, but somehow, Gladio is unequivocally the worst. Is it his meaningless tattoo sleeves? His insufferable douchebag beard? The fact that ge has a mullet and wears an open, short-sleeved leather jacket with no shirt underneath? Yes. It's all of those things. It's physically uncomfortable how much time you have to spend with this guy.

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    Ardyn Izunia Looks Insane, Even By Final Fantasy Standards

    Photo: Square Enix

    Ardyn Izunia looks like Boy George if he were a character on Taboo. Remember: he's supposed to be the main villain of Final Fantasy XV. Players are supposed to be scared, or at least impressed, by a guy who looks like the offspring of Keanu Reeves and an entire circus troupe. Seriously, he looks like a jack-o’-lantern that was magically turned human outside a mall containing only a Men’s Warehouse and a Hot Topic. Hopefully, for his sake, he’s secretly blind and has no idea how ridiculous he looks.

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    The Creatures Are Adorable (And You Have To Murder Them)

    Photo: Square Enix

    Imagine a game where you have to kill Mr. Snuffleupagus in cold blood. Well, you've just invented Final Fantasy XV. Congratulations? Unfortunately, your soul is still forfeit because you have a cuddly elephant-thing's blood on your hands. This type of world building and character design is exactly what makes players not want to replay a game. 

    Also, horrifyingly, a lot of the creatures travel in families. The game actually makes you kill parents in from of their children. It’s like an interactive version of Bambi where you play as the hunter. 

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