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Reasons Why Final Fantasy XV Is Just Killing Players

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The much-anticipated release of Final Fantasy XV (the latest installment in one of the greatest RPG series of all time) has consumed some player's lives. But when you dive in to something so fully, there are bound to be some things that annoy you. If you’re not familiar with the game, Prince Noctis and his traveling bodyguards must evade the evil empire until they can avenge King Regis. Oh, and there's a lot of friendship. The main party consists of Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus.

Let's be clear: this is still a great game. This list is just the worst parts of Final Fantasy XV. The most disappointing things about Final Fantasy XV. The most glaring Final Fantasy XV problems.

Sorry, the thing is Final Fantasy XV sucks -- if you agree (or disagree), be sure to cast your vote in our list of all Final Fantasy games, ranked.

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    Summons Make Less Than Zero Sense

    Photo: Square Enix

    The big guy up there is Ramuh. He's absolutely devastating with his Judgment Bolt when you summon him. The only problem is, all archaeans, including him, can only be summoned under certain conditions. For added fun, it's nearly impossible to figure out what those conditions are.

    Admittedly, it’s fair that you can’t summon them at your whim, because they really do demolish everything in the vicinity. But there should be some recognizable pattern to when they show up. 

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    Friendly Fire Is Unavoidable

    Photo: Square Enix

    The archaeans you summon may know better than to kill your party members, but Prince Noctis sure doesn’t. See, in Final Fantasy XV your own magic can hurt your allies. In an action-RPG where you have no control over your teammates and their placement, it’s hard to miss them when you blow up a pack of baddies. Prince Noctis almost always hits one of his allies when using his magic. To be fair, he might be doing it subconsciously. The rest of his party does kind of suck. 

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    Side Quests... So Many Side Quests

    Photo: Square Enix

    This is a common complaint, but it's a valid one. You’ll find yourself on so many side quests that you’ll forget what the main story is half the time. Also, if you're curious, you know what Hurley is asking you to do in the above image? Go take more f*cking pictures.

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    The Car Takes Forever to Stop

    Photo: Square Enix

    First off, the vehicle is called the "Regalia," which is unspeakably lame. Secondly, it takes 10 full seconds for the car to stop: three seconds to process the command, and another seven to come to a complete halt. You always overshoot your intended stopping point by 200 feet.

    To make matters worse, the characters take longer than most grandparents to actually get out of the car. But it's not all bad: at least you get to fill up the gas tank. 

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