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29 Horrifying Pictures That Will Trigger Your Submechanophobia (Fear Of Submerged Man-Made Objects)

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Decrepit sea serpents, rotten mermaids, and submerged subs... oh my!

Does the idea of half-submerged machines rotting in water give you the heebie-jeebies? Are you terrified of the idea of forgotten animatronics in pools of water or massive machines that reside under the ocean depths? If so, you might have submechanophobia.

Submechanophobia is the fear of submerged man-made objects - objects that seemingly transformed from everyday items to submerged horrors. From sunken ships and abandoned vehicles to forgotten mechanical monsters from theme park attractions of yesteryear, the collection of handcrafted terrors that reside in watery graves grows day by day.

Here is a list of innocent objects and friendly tourist attractions turned into pure nightmare fuel thanks to water and neglect. 

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    The Bunyip At Murry Bridge (Before His Makeover)

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      This Underwater Giant

      Photo: u/Chablar / Reddit
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        This WWII Museum Exhibit

        Photo: u/JTcreeps / Reddit
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          This Life-Size Jason In A Michigan Lake

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