Finding Bigfoot Was The Most Ridiculous Show On TV, And Not Just For The Obvious Reasons

Here's a piece of information that will be shocking to very few people: Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot isn't real. That's right, just like Deadliest Catch and Man vs. Wild, this series is carefully staged and edited to give the appearance of a documentary. The hit TV show has made it through multiple seasons without showing a single real Sasquatch, riding a wave of viewer suspense that seems almost endless.

Besides the relentless nighttime searches out in the woods, there are many unintentionally hilarious Finding Bigfoot moments. Who could forget team member Bobo doing his "Sasquatch calls," or the wild speculation about the habits of these reclusive giant apes?

Is Bigfoot real? Who knows what new evidence could turn up in the future. But for now, one thing is very clear: Finding Bigfoot is easily one of the most ridiculous shows on TV.