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15 Foods That Seem Perfectly Fine Until You Learn How They Are Made

July 9, 2021 2.3k votes 350 voters 30.2k views15 items

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There’s a popular saying that warns you to never meet your idols and after reading this list another one should be to never look up how your favorite food is made. Only the courageous will proceed to read these now not-so-tempting meals. Are you brave enough to vote up the most shocking ones? 

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    A Shark Massacre

    From Redditor /u/pewnanner

    A lot of people enjoy Shark Fin Soup and maybe some don’t realize what the fisherman do to get the fins. Look up video if you want but they bring the shark on board, cut off all the fins, and chuck it back still alive to writhe and float and suffer

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    Eat Your Greens

    From Redditor /u/kiwiposter

    I worked in New Product Development for a bit. It's not good lol

    The entire aim of the companies who we were working with, was to sell less food for more. So finding anyway possible to add water, air, or fibre. Often all three.

    A whole industry dedicated to destroying food, for money.

    That's why everyone is getting fat. The food doesn't have the same nutrient content it used to, so you have to consume more. And it's entirely on purpose.

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    Spiderman's Favorite Fruit

    From Redditor /u/corsaiLucascorso

    Cranberry harvesting. There are a lot and I mean a ridiculous amount of spiders especially Wolf spiders everywhere. They crawl up the machines, they crawl up the people harvesting them it’s a nightmare.

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    A Harvesting Horror Story

    From Redditor /u/PoorCorrelation

    I was surprised to learn from people who’ve worked on farms just how bloody harvesting crops is. There’s not really a good way to clear out wild animals so all of them get ripped to shreds by the heavy machinery moving through the fields. I miss being able to assume no animals died making my produce.

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