8 Fiery Fan Theories And Headcanons About The Fire Nation

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The Fire Nation is home to some of the most interesting characters and storylines of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Fans of the show are sharing their fan theories and headcanons about them; vote up the ones that make a fiery impression on you!

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    Zhao Was Fire Nation Royalty

    Zhao Was Fire Nation Royalty
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user azulasnailtech

    Zhao was Fire Lord Azulon’s illegitimate (semi-acknowledged) son

    • that’s why he was standing with Iroh and Azula at Zuko and Ozai’s Agni Kai (the family section)
    • that’s why Ozai kept promoting him despite Zhao not being all that special or talented (nepotism)
    • that’s why he came up with three new titles to give himself once he killed the moon: Zhao the Conqueror, Zhao the Moon Slayer, Zhao the Invincible. for comparison, Azulon was remembered at his funeral by two feats outside his tenure as Fire Lord: “You were our fearless leader in the Battle of Garsai. Our matchless conqueror of the Hu Xin Provinces.” (Zhao desperately wanted to not just match but surpass the level of fame and historical significance his royal father held) 
    • that’s why he was always hating on Zuko (deep-seated resentment that Zuko got all the privilege that comes from being a legitimate heir but still f*cked up in ways Zhao was sure he never would have if given the same opportunities. seething jealousy that despite it all, Zuko was still a prince and Zhao never would be)
    • i just think it would be fun (an added layer to every interaction Zhao has with Iroh and Zuko: the unspoken fact that he is their b*st*rd brother/uncle.)
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    It Was Zuko's Emotion

    From Tumblr user what-would-azula-do

    I always thought Zuko’s scar represented his father’s ideal image of a son. Not the disfigured face part of course but the fact that he can’t really show any emotion on that one side.

    In this picture his good eye looks shocked and scared, while his scarred one just looks angry and disgruntled.

    The eyebrow is gone and the eye is reduced to a slit, so he can’t really show how he feels on one side of his face. His father was disappointed in his son because he was so emotional, which isn’t how he thinks a leader and the future Fire Lord should be. So he took a part of Zuko’s “emotion” away.

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    Ursa Was A White Lotus Member

    Ursa Was A White Lotus Member
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user anneofthethousandays

    Can you imagine if, instead of an out of character comic about Zuko’s mother erasing her memory and changing her face to shack up with an ex and pop out replacement babies, we instead got a fully developed Book 4 of ATLA in which we learn that Ursa has been a major informant for the White Lotus for years and played an active role in destroying Ozai’s regime?

    Like, the show explicitly states that Ursa is the kind of mother who bites back if you threaten her kids. Can you imagine the hell she’d raise after learning that, despite everything, Ozai burned and banished her baby boy? Can you imagine if the reason why Team Avatar made such crazy progress in only ONE YEAR was because Ursa was spearheading the White Lotus’s resistance efforts all over the world? Do you really think that Ursa, the woman who murdered her warmongering father-in-law to protect her precious son, would quietly disappear into a new life trusting that Ozai wouldn’t go back on his word?

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    Azula Planned From A Very Young Age

    Azula Planned From A Very Young Age
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user randomfandomsintandom

    I had a thought regarding Azula and it stems from this moment…

    This is the moment Ozai is crowned Fire Lord. I always thought the look on her face in this scene was just demonstrating that she didn’t care about losing her cousin, her mother, and now her grandfather i.e reminding us what an evil little [kid] she is.

    But think about this… We already know that Ozai forced his way onto the throne ahead of Iroh. So what if this is the moment Azula figured out what her father did and decided to copy him? What if this face is because she has just realised that the only thing stopping her from becoming Fire Lord one day is Zuko? So she tortured him, messed with his head, and destroyed his spirit, not simply because she’s a bully, but because she was hoping for him to hate her and hate his life enough that it would make him want to “betray” the Fire Nation one day, leaving her the only heir to the throne.

    In summary, I think Azula planned from a very young age, to get Zuko out of her way the same way Ozai got Iroh out of his.

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    Azula And Lu Ten

    Azula And Lu Ten
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user ljf613

    To all the Azula-stans out there:

    You ever think about how maybe Azula did have one person in the palace who genuinely cared about her?

    Someone she admired and respected and wanted to be just like?

    Someone who may have been aware that there was something off about Azula’s relationships with both of her parents and tried to help make up for that?

    Someone who then had to leave, deepening that lonely hole in Azula’s wounded psyche?

    Yes, I’m talking about everyone’s favorite Posthumous Character, Lu Ten.

    (Everybody talks about how he and Zuko were probably super-close, and maybe they were, but what about Azula?)

    You ever think about how

    is really just Azula-speak for “super-salty that Iroh didn’t avenge Lu Ten’s death like a normal person?”

    Or how maybe her obsession with conquering Ba Sing Se-- which, BTW, was not on her itinerary (her job was to capture “Zuko & Iroh and maybe the Avatar if you get a chance;” I did not see Ba Sing Se anywhere on that list)-- is probably at least in part because the Impenetrable City took away one of her favorite people, and now she’s out for revenge?

    Do you? (’Cause if you don’t, you totally should.)

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    Maybe Azula Wasn't As Mean As We Think

    Maybe Azula Wasn't As Mean As We Think
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From a Tumblr user

    guys i just realized something, there is no proof that azula was actually enjoying zuko’s agni kai against their father.

    iroh was the one storytelling, and we saw his own flashback, he had his eyes closed so all we’re seeing is what he assumed their reactions were. we all know iroh doesn’t think many good things about azula...

    obviously azula wouldn’t show horror at the scene, she’s nothing if not extremely intelligent, and by showing any form of displeasure at her father actions she would’ve risked her own safety too. but i really doubt she was doing that evil smirk we saw, even less at age 11.

    i’m aware that she wasn’t the kindest sister, but even if she tried to hide it with taunting because of that need to never show “weakness”, if she didn’t care about zuko’s safety she wouldn’t have told him about her father’s and grandfather’s plans to kill him.

    she may have disguised it as mocking and taunting (which was a really smart thing to do because if ozai had found out, she could have covered it up as her being mean, which is the only thing everyone ever chooses to see from her anyways), but she was warning him.

    she knows she’s considered a monster by everyone, some of them (ozai) like that about her and some of them hate it (everyone else), but even when it hurts her, she knows how to take advantage of it.

    we don’t give this girl enough credit for her intelligence and assume everything is as shallow as it initially looks, but i’m done with it.

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