Disasters Terrible Ideas That Landed People in the Burn Unit  

Randy Cobb
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What is it about fire and fireworks that makes amateur daredevils so reckless? It seems that since fire is both extremely dangerous and completely legal, it's of especially big interest for wannabe Jackass cast members. The following fire GIFs all involve someone narrowly escaping a trip to the severe burn unit. They've either set themselves on fire, blown themselves up, or strapped an explosive to a part of their body they can't replace.

You won't believe what people are willing to do to themselves for a few YouTube views, or sometimes just to impress their dumb friends. One thing is certain, these people are going to be smelling burnt hair for a long time. Use this list of explosive failures to remind yourself not to play with fire, don't hold the firework for too long, and always blow out a flaming shot before drinking it.
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A Little Late Night Dancin

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Buttle Rocket

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Sharing the Flames

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Another Fire Balloon

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