13 People Reveal The Lies They Told On First Dates So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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When dating, it's good to start out with your best foot forward so you don't end up looking like a walking red flag. But there's a difference between being your best self and LYING about your best self. These people are sharing their first date lies that spiralled out of control so you can learn about all the lies you shouldn't tell on a first date.

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    They Told A Spanish Girl That They Were Also Half-Spanish

    From Redditor u/AbandoningAll:

    Nothing major. I'm half-Italian you see, and I asked out a girl who was Spanish and I figured "Hey, close enough is good enough" and told her I was half-Spanish because I could pass. That didn't work out in the end, turns out my lack of knowledge of Spanish food and language was something I should have factored into it.

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    They Said They Were From Three Different Countries

    From Redditor u/nom_yourmom:

    So I tend to make up ridiculous things about myself when I'm drunk. As I get drunker, the lies get more outlandish. At this pub crawl in Prague, I started telling people I was from Denmark, then later in the night, Latvia, and towards the end of the night, Fredonia (a fictional country from the Marx Brothers film Duck Soup). I tried to keep the separate stories straight with people, but I ended up telling this one girl that I was hitting on three completely different stories about where I was from over the course of the night. She was... confused.

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    They Said They Were Vegetarian When They Definitely Weren't

    From Redditor u/bethlookner:

    I told a dude that I, too, was a vegetarian. We went out to some restaurant and I had to eat some crap-*ss veggie entree while the people at the next table were eating filet mignon.

    Glad that ended after 2 months.

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    They Said They Liked A Girl They Really Didn't

    From Redditor /KevinRodea:

    That I actually liked the girl. You can guess where that relationship ended up.

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    They Said They Live Alone When They Really Live With Their Parents

    From a former Redditor:

    It was a dumb lie, he asked me where I lived and I told him I lived alone in an apartment, when really I’ve been living with my parents for the last six months and I was embarrassed. When I told him this lie I fully thought we weren’t gunna last past a couple dates, but now it’s been over a month and he keeps asking if we can go to my place. I’ve told a couple smaller white lies to maintain that lie, and I feel awful every time I do, I feel like I keep digging myself deeper and deeper into a hole and I feel f*cking terrible. Right now I feel like all I can really do is either break up with him or come clean and hope he doesn’t break up with me.

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    They Told A Wild And Traumatic Story About A Birthmark

    From Redditor u/Revuh:

    I told her that when I was two years old I was caught in a house fire and burned 70% of my right leg's skin off, then they grafted skin from my left buttcheek to replace the skin on my leg. In reality, I just have a red birthmark that spans my leg, but on multiple occasions, I have been asked if it was a burn, so that's what I began telling people. I only did it as an entertaining story to break the awkward silence that is a 9th-grade first date. We didn't date long but she never knew the truth.

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