Guys Reveal First Date Turnoffs You Do Without Realizing

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Guys - vote on the things that girls do on first dates that totally turn you off. Please only vote if you are male!
Here are guys' biggest first-date deal breakers, ranked. We went to AskMen to find out more about men and dating, and what the biggest turn offs for guys really are.  Ladies, if you're wondering what not to do on a first date, read up and take notes. First date etiquette can be tough to navigate, but checking out these things not to do on a first date can help you nail it (pun!). 
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    She Tries to Find Excuses to Be Mean

  • 2
    2,480 votes

    Looks Down Upon How You Are Entertained

  • 3
    5,907 votes

    Being rude to the waitstaff

  • 4
    5,822 votes

    Being arrogant or stuck up

  • 5
    5,611 votes

    Constant negativity

  • 6
    6,321 votes

    Checking their phone constantly