15 People Who Got Fired On Their First Day Share Their Stories (So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes)

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Are you starting a new job soon and feeling a little nervous? These people have shared their stories of getting fired on the first day so you can prepare for the worst. Take comfort in knowing it's pretty unlikely that any of this will happen to you, but you can try to avoid repeating these stories anyway. Read on and vote up the worst stories about getting fired on the first day of the job.

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    Didn't Follow Up. Didn't Show Up.

    From Redditor u/deftss:

    They called me and told me I was let go for not showing up on my first day. Which was a surprise for me since at no point after the interview had I been told that I'd been hired.

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    After Two Interviews, They Were Sent Home For Being Underage

    From Redditor u/Korberos:

    I once got hired by Radio Shack when I was 17. As in, I filled out their application, handed them my resume, went through two interviews (one on the phone, one in person), and then was scheduled for my first day.

    Went on my first day, and they told me they didn't realize I was 17. They only hire 18 and above.

    They made me go through that entire process for nothing.

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    Showed Up With Absolutely No Qualifications

    From a former Redditor:

    I got hired through a temp service to work at the local phone company. No problem, as I had done tons of telemarketing before and figured it would be working on the billing/customer service end. Nope... the first day, they had me on the phone with linemen who were up a telephone pole somewhere halfway across the country asking me which wire to cut... I had NO clue what I was doing and had a mini-meltdown talking to my supervisor. She asked me how I could possibly not know what I was doing when I had clearly passed the test to get the job. My response was "Test???? WHAT TEST????". Turns out the temp agency was supposed to give any and all applicants a test to see if they had the experience necessary to do the job. I had a call from the temp agency telling me I was fired before I got home that day.

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    Lunch Wasn't Allowed So They Went To Lunch And Never Came Back

    From a former Redditor:

    I got hired as an "independent contractor" for some over-the-phone tech work. Hours were 8am-6pm. Ok, that's perfect. I go in and get acquainted, start taking calls, and hours go by. I'm wondering when I get lunch. News flash: No lunch. No breaks. Independent contractor or not, pretty sure here in the U.S. you gotta give people some breaks and a lunch at some point in a 10 hour shift. Some kinda law about thate. So I tell my new boss, "Look, I'm starving, I'm going to get something to eat, I'll be back in an hour." He said "If you leave, don't bother coming back." So I left. And never went back.

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    Fired For... Talking To Their Coworker

    From Redditor u/ChaChaGalore:

    I spent the morning of my first (and only) day at a medical equipment calibration facility being introduced to the whole team. A very nice woman spent time taking me around the building and we ended up having small talk with dozens of people from upper management to the warehouse guys. We returned to our desks and a very cute guy started talking to me. I noticed someone in an office observing this interaction. She called the nice lady into her office. The nice lady told me that was enough for the day and that we would get a fresh start the next morning. When I got home, there was a call from HR telling me not to come back. I never got an explanation. I think the woman in the office liked the cute guy and got jealous.

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    Got In Trouble For Something That Wasn't Their Fault

    From Redditor u/Back2Bach:

    I was 16 and landed my first job in a paint store mixing custom colors for customers.

    On my first day, I mixed a requested color, following the paint manufacturer's directions exactly. But the result turned out wrong because the formula had changed and my employer had not updated his store's formula specifications.

    So when the customer complained about the color variance, the boss fired me in front of everyone, even though I had done the job correctly.

    It was humiliating, and left a lasting negative impression as to what's involved in joining the workplace.

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