15 People Share Wild Stories From Their First Job To Prepare You For The Worst

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Workers of the world: vote up the worst first job stories you'd hate to repeat.

It's hard to know what to expect from your first job. When you don't have any experience, everything is up in the air. If you're wondering how to prepare for the worst, then check out these first job stories and try your best not to repeat them.

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    They Were Stormed By Bees At A Syrup Factory

    From Redditor u/poppasocket:

    My first job was working in a sh*tty factory that made flavored syrup for use in carbonated drinks. I worked a pumping machine that filled jugs with the sticky sweet mixture of sugar, chemicals that I couldn't pronounce, and unfiltered tap water that was supplied to the machine via a regular garden hose.

    While glug-glugging the orange-flavored syrup mix into the jugs, I heard horrendous screams and everyone started running in circles. We were being stormed by bees (which I later learned was a common occurrence there - don't even ask about the f*cking roaches).

    I tried to quickly shut off the machine, but I messed something up and it sprayed me all over with orange-flavored syrup. I escaped the bees, but while standing out in the sun, the thick syrup mixture crystallized and almost turned me into a crusty statue of an orange lollipop. One eye was even stuck shut after my sticky eyelashes glued themselves to each other when I blinked.

    That was just part of what happened on day one. Halfway through day three, I walked off the job and quit.

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    They Had To Clean A Wall Because They Had Already Cleaned Everything Else

    From a Redditor:

    My first job was at McDonald's.

    I once had to clean a wall because I had already cleaned everything else and the manager hated me.


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    They Had To Climb 30-Foot High Stacks Of Merchandise

    From Redditor u/squidgy:

    Working at a Canadian Tire. About the only fun thing about it was that the storeroom was such a mess that you couldn't push those stairs around, so I had to climb a 30-foot high pile of BBQs to get spare shelving pieces down. Was pretty cool at the time, although in retrospect I'm not sure how nobody ever perished. The pile was uh, rickety to say the least. Also, for some reason, the stash of rusty, pointy metal shelf rails was kept below it.


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    They Witnessed Two Customers Get Heated Over A Mild Insult

    From a former Redditor

    My first real job was working in a grocery store. I once saw two elderly men get in a brawl because one accused the other of having no inner child. My manager had to kick them out.

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    They Had To Work In A Fire Evacuation Zone

    From Redditor u/kodak543:

    I worked at Wendy's when I was 16. Worst story (out of VERY many), was that there was a fire in an area about twenty miles away with an empty Wendy's restaurant (All the residents there had evacuated including Wendy's employees).

    So half of Wendy's employees from our restaurant, including me, had to go and work at Wendy's in the fire evacuation zone. The air was brown, with acrid smoke, and you could see the fire from the windows.

    I quit a month later.

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    They Were Screamed At Because The Customer Didn't Understand Parking Lots

    From Redditor u/jordanlund:

    Selling comic books.

    One day this guy came in, he might have been homeless, a little ragged. Wearing one of those Back to the Future puffy vests.

    "How many cars do you guys have?"

    "Excuse me?"

    "How many cars do you guys have?"

    "I don't understand..."

    "I came here before you were open and there was a blue car here. Then I came to a little while later and you still weren't open and there was a blue car and a red car. Now I get here and the red car is gone, the blue car is still here and there's a white car and van!


    "Uh... it's a parking lot..."