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The Greatest First Person Sequences in Film History

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There's a reason first person shooter (FPS) games are so popular. They put you right there in the driver's seat for exhilarating and adrenaline-fueled moments. Naturally, Hollywood realized this too and has created some pretty spectacular first person scenes in movies, usually action sequences that allow audiences to experience adventure through the eyes of a character.

These POV shots in movies can be used to do everything from make the enemy even more intimidating, put you in the head of someone you'll never be, or even be used to great comedic or dramatic effect. There are even a view that appear to have influenced the design of first person games.

These movies with POV scenes stand out because they allow viewers to feel like participants in the action. These are the coolest movies with first person shooter scenes. Vote up the ones that most effectively drew you into the action.
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    Hardcore Henry

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    Hardcore Henry is an entire feature film shot first person shooter style. Yes, it's a whole movie experienced from the vantage point of a cyborg super-soldier tearing around Russia, battling telekenetic psychos, hundreds of henchmen, homicidal strippers, and unstoppable super soldiers.
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    With enemy scans and stats running along the bottom and sides of Terminator vision, the connection between James Cameron's sci-fi franchise and first person shooter games is pretty obvious.
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    An instantly recognizable FPS-style perspective that communicates the alien nature of the titular beast in Predator. Knowing the Predator see in this stylized heat vision made the alien hunter even scarier.
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    Why was there never an awesome RoboCop FPS video game modeled off of this scene? Not only does it dramatically hold off on fully revealing RoboCop, but it allows anybody watching to feel what it's like to actually be Detroit's finest experimental cyborg cop.
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