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First Responders Describe The Most Horrific Scenes They Ever Encountered

Being a first responder requires a certain type of character. You must be able to work under pressure, have a strong stomach, and be prepared to see any number of creepy scenarios. First responders see things that the general public cannot fathom, and a number of them have decided to share their stories with us. 

These horror stories from Reddit show how truly shocking a first responder's job can be. From tales of horrible accidents to accounts of bodies in various stages of decomposition, these stories will turn your stomach and break your heart.

  • The Dude Smeared Poop All Over His Apartment

    From Redditor /u/Anne_Franks_Dildo

    EMT here. I've brought people back to life; I've dealt with massive traumas, etc. The most f*cked up sh*t (this is gonna be literal) that I've dealt with was a call to the home of a raging alcoholic. I show up in my personal vehicle after police and the ambulance are on scene for a dehydrated male. I walk in and see people holding their noses as they walk into the bedroom. I figured they were exaggerating until I walked in. This dude hadn't left the bedroom for days, he was just in there drunk. He had sh*t on the floor, on the bed, and somehow on the walls. There was some sh*t on the tile of the bathroom that was attached to the bedroom; it had a knife next to it like he was trying to chip off the dried up poop. He had poop in his pants and had vomited and pissed all over the place and himself.

    That was the day that I had learned to put Vicks VapoRub on my top lip to mask bad odors. In this field, you really learn what alcohol can do to people, which sucks because you often need a drink at the end of a shift. F*ckin poop, man.

  • Call To Child Molester's House

    From Redditor /u/stickycondom:

     I used to be an EMT.

    I once had to resuscitate a guy who'd had a heart attack while getting ready for bed. The walls of his bedroom were covered with pictures of him molesting little kids.

    Sh*t's f*cked up.

  • Children Chopped Up By River Turbines

    From Redditor /u/ffxivfunk:

    Took a call about two missing children. The parents thought they might've gone swimming in the nearby river. Thing is, the river had one of those dams with the turbines or whatever - I don't know how they work, but yeah.

    So downstream we started finding bits and pieces for a few hundred feet. We had to collect enough to make a decent attempt at verifying the identities... there wasn't really enough left in large enough pieces to get a good idea of what had washed up; it was pretty pureed. Needless to say, seeing the side of a river strewn with bits of children whose parents had assumed they just wandered too far off was pretty bad.

  • This Paramedic Has Seen Too Much

    From Redditor /u/MyShamefulSh*t

    I watched a guy shoot himself in the head with a shotgun.

    I've delivered several miscarriages.

    I had to tell a mother that she couldn't cross the barrier to her family car, since her husband and two kids passed in it.

    There are way, way too many more like this.