Graveyard Shift

First Responders And Cops Describe Cases They Thought Might Be Paranormal

Reading about emergency responders’ ghost encounters may sometimes seem like you're browsing the unbelievable pages of a National Enquirer. UFOs, poltergeists, or just about any other reference to the supernatural or anything that cannot be easily explained seldom, if ever, are mentioned within the mainstream media, or, if reported at all, they're too often met with disbelief, extreme skepticism, and the claim that such tales are pranksters' hoaxes or conspiracy theories. Generally anyone who worked in public office or a position of authority is extremely reluctant ever to come out and claim they have experienced something supernatural. 

Now, thanks to the internet and the ability to remain fairly anonymous on websites such as Reddit, you can read many first responders' stories of paranormal encounters. The following stories of the supernatural and paranormal from police and first responders incude cops revealing their encounters with ghosts, detectives hearing invisible children who then leave them notes, EMTs who find pulses when they least expect one, and sheriffs discovering corpse break-ins. Have a warm cup of tea ready as you read, because these will give you chills!