15 First Time Homeowners Share Their Horror To Prepare You For The Worst

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Prospective homeowners: vote up the worst stories you don't want to repeat.

Looking to buy your first home? There's a lot of things to consider, and a lot of things to avoid. These first-time homeowner stories might help to easy some of the anxieties, and let you learn what to avoid when buying your first home.

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    The Sellers Wired The Dishwasher Using A Lamp Cord (And Started A Fire)

    From Redditor u/Lastminuteb*strd:

    They wired the dishwasher using a lamp cord. And not a new one, either. One of those translucent yellow ones that were probably snipped off of an old lamp, then wire nutted to the leads on the dishwasher. To top it off, the socket it was plugged in to had started on fire at least once.

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    The Wastewater Pipe Just Dumped Into The Crawl Space

    From Redditor u/Hanks_Dad:

    We caught it during the inspection and made the seller set aside money in escrow to repair it, but the wastewater pipe from the shower was not connected to any other pipes. The water would just drain directly into the crawl space, which was of course filled with mold.

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    Fleas Were Living In The Floor Insulation

    From Redditor u/Chreeeees:

    Fleas living in floor insulation... Had to rip it all out after pest control sprayed four times and still couldn't get rid of them! Thankfully got rid of them RIGHT before we moved our stuff in. Got to know the crawl space very well, to say the least.

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    Their Basement Flooded One Week After Moving In

    From a former Redditor:

    We had a massive basement flood (like thousands of gallons of water) one week after we moved in. I'm down there on my hands and knees crying while trying to suck water out of the carpet with my sh*tty shop vac until the water mitigation people showed up.

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    They Bought The Place 'As Is' And Regretted It Instantly

    From Redditor u/lostintransactions:

    First home, had it inspected, checked out the basement for leaks, asked the homeowner about potential leaks, asked the inspector. All involved said the house never got water in the basement (there was one "stain" in the middle of the floor, which is why I asked). Bought the house "as is" on their word and the inspector's assessment ("as is" was discounted).

    One month after moving in the basement flooded 4 inches high on the first real rainstorm. It took me four years and thousands of dollars of time and stress to fix it, right before I sold that piece of sh*t.

    Never buy "as-is" EVER, and if you are concerned about something, get a second inspector.

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    A Joist In Their Bathroom Was Packed With Birds' Nests

    From Redditor u/j_johnso:

    I am remodeling a bathroom in an addition that was built in the late '80s. I had to gut it down to the studs and joists.

    There was water damage in the ceiling from a leaking roof above. The previous owners had just been replacing drywall every three years or so.

    One joist bay was packed with birds' nests.

    They tiled directly to the plywood subfloor.

    The glass block shower wall was held together with nothing but silicone. You barely touched it, and it would move 6 inches.

    The wiring hole in the vanity light wasn't in a convenient place for them, so they gouged the most ragged hole I had ever seen. It had already started cutting through the Romex [wire].

    The 20 amp breaker that feeds the bathroom light, outlet, and at least three other outlets outside the bathroom was wired with 14 gauge.

    They nailed through the PVC shower liner, letting water leak through and rot the subfloor.

    A stud in an exterior wall had two 1.25-inch holes side by side. No wonder that stud was bowing out so much.

    The light switch was installed in an 8-inch-wide stud bay that was also used as the HVAC air return for an upstairs bedroom, blocking half of the airflow.

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