33 of the Most Famous First Tweets of Celebrities

Back in the Dark Ages (aka, pre-2009, when Twitter was merely a fledgling social media site with only 400k Tweets posted per quarter), there was absolutely no way to contact your favorite celebrity without sending them physical fan mail, nor was there a way to find out what they were up to during the day without picking up a copy of US Weekly. Thanks to Twitter, those terrible times are behind us - now, we have front-row access to the coolest celebrities' personal thoughts on Twitter. There was, however, a time when nobody really knew how to use Twitter or what it was for. We've dug up some of the most famous celebrities' very first Tweets to show you just how naive they were to this new social media platform. 

Some stars' first Tweets were hilarious right out of the gate, while others showed just how confused these celebs were about how to use Twitter. Some of the stars on this list were pretty young when Twitter started gaining popularity, so their naive first-Tweets are pretty adorable in retrospect. Vote up the celebrity who presented him/herself the best with their very first Tweet. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.