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The Very First Easter Egg In Video Game History

Updated 14 Jun 2019 78.0k views11 items

What was the first video game Easter egg? That honor belongs in part to Adventure, a graphic adaptation of the classic text game Colossal Cave Adventure for the Atari 2600. This early video game set the stage for fantasy and action-adventure games, and inspired a long history of video game Easter eggs that continues today.

Warren Robinett, developer of Adventure, included the Easter egg as a personal stamp in a time when developers and programmers weren't often credited. Using a hidden pixel, he hid his name inside the game to ensure his contribution lived on even after the game's release.

By creating a means to credit himself, Robinett created the first discovered Easter egg in a video game. Discovering this secret in the larger game made players seek out more hidden content. Inspired, other developers started including secrets in their own games, which also encouraged other media to do so as well—in fact, the Easter egg in Atari Adventure is actually believed to have coined the term as we know it today.

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