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Firsthand Stories About Betty White From Those Who Knew Her

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Often called "The First Lady of Television," Betty White was a beloved and treasured presence on America's screens for much of the near-century she lived. In addition to her well-known roles as a comedic actress, White was one of the first female television producers, a competitive word-game maven, a devoted animal activist, and a WWII volunteer. Over the course of her long career, she stood up for those around her and paved a new path for older women in Hollywood. And she did it all with her famously snappy sense of humor.

White touched the lives of many people - her loved ones, her colleagues, and her many, many fans. From the people who were lucky enough to cross paths with the TV legend, there is no shortage of wonderful stories and tributes to her legacy. These are just a few of the moving memories that capture the essence of Betty, both on- and off-screen.