Weird History

People From Whittier, AK, Describe What It’s Like Living In The Same Building As Their Entire Town

Moving anywhere in Alaska takes a special type of personality, but Whittier is an experience all its own. Whittier is a small town, surrounded by mountains and water, and the whole place is overshadowed by an old condominium block called Begich Tower. In Whittier, 80-90% of the town's full-time population live in this one building - hence its nickname, "The Town Under One Roof."

Begich Tower residents have to make some unusual adaptations because nearly everyone in town is an elevator ride away and the nearest city is 60 miles northwest. The Whittier, AK, building is a dream come true for some, a nightmare for others, and absolutely bizarre for most.

And lucky for us, residents and visitors are keen to comment on the experience of living in Whittier.