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What People Who Have Worked With Bill Murray Said About Him

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Bill Murray, the star of popular films like Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, Caddyshackand many more, is known for his comedic ways. Though the world may view him as a funny or nice guy, many celebrities who have worked with the actor have different opinions. 

These stories about Bill Murray, told by actors and directors who have had firsthand experiences with him, could be considered wild, with some ending in fights, while others could be considered sweet, giving him an endearing quality.

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  • Photo: Caddyshack / Warner Bros.

    After watching Bill Murray and Chevy Chase star alongside one another in Caddyshack, it seemed as if the two had an extremely close bond. However, this was not always the case. While filming together on the set of Saturday Night Live in 1978, things took a sour turn for the duo when Murray confronted Chase, telling him that "everyone hated him."

    This screaming match then ignited a physical fight between the two actors. According to an article on Biography: 

    Just before the show was set to air, Chase confronted Murray in Belushi's dressing room and challenged him to a fight. Murray lunged and Belushi leaped between the two larger men, drawing most of the punishment as the fists were flying.

    SNL alums Jane Curtin and Laraine Newman recalled the incident on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen:

    It was sad and painful and awful... It was that same kind of tension you would get in a family... It was uncomfortable. You could understand, you know, there were these two bull moose going at each other. The testosterone was surging... I think they both knew the one thing that they could say to one another that would, you know, hurt the most.

    The two were able to put things to bed, however, and a year and half later filmed Caddyshack.

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  • Photo: What About Bob? / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    Producer Laura Ziskin, known for producing films like Pretty Woman and Spider-Man, was also a part of the film What About Bob? starring Bill Murray. During filming, Ziskin and Murray had a disagreement that resulted in Murray throwing Ziskin into a nearby lake. 

    According to Ziskin, he also threw her sunglasses across a parking lot, breaking them. In a 2003 interview with The Baltimore Sun, Ziskin discussed the incident:

    Bill also threatened to throw me across the parking lot and then broke my sunglasses and threw them across the parking lot. I was furious and outraged at the time, but having produced a dozen movies, I can safely say it is not common behavior.

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  • Photo: Ghostbusters / Columbia Pictures

    After starring together in Ghostbusters in 1984, Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray stayed close friends. Though she had starred in many comedies prior to Ghostbusters, Weaver wanted to "properly prepare" herself for a scene where she was going to see something terrifying.

    According to Weaver, however, Murray came and helped her prepare in a totally different way:

    I’m still giggling about the fact Billy came up to me. It was maybe the second scene. I was preparing, because I had been to drama school. Now, I was supposed to re-experience the terror dogs in the refrigerator. I just saw some in there actually before this Zoom. But he came over - and I don’t know if you remember this Bill - but you went, "What are you doing?" I went, "I’m preparing." You went, "You’re what?" I said, "I’m preparing." You started to tickle and shake me and really you can’t do comedy if you’re gonna prepare. It’s ridiculous.

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  • Sony’s 2003 film Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, featured stars Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Bill Murray. The film follows three detectives (Diaz, Barrymore, and Liu) and their mysterious boss as they try to retrieve stolen voice-ID software.

    While filming, tensions between Murray and Liu arose when Murray became upset with her over changing a scene without informing him. On an episode of the Los Angeles Times podcast Asian Enough, Liu shared her perspective of the incident, saying:

    We had taken the weekend to rework that particular scene and Bill Murray was not able to come because he had to attend some family gathering. So it was everyone else, and we just made the scene more fluid. I wish I had more to do with [the rewrite], but I didn’t. Because I was the last one cast, and I probably had the least amount of privilege, in terms of creatively participating at that time.

    Liu then shared that Murray began to "hurl insults" at her, blaming her solely for the change. In the moment, Liu admitted to being caught off-guard at being the brunt of his anger:

    I was, like, "Wow, he seems like he’s looking straight at me." I couldn’t believe that [his comments] could be towards me, because what do I have to do with anything majorly important at that time? I say, "I’m so sorry. Are you talking to me?" - and clearly he was, because then it started to become a one-on-one communication.

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