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Fist Fight movie quotes bring the laughs to the comedy movie about two high school teachers who use a fist fight to settle their differences. Richie Keen directed the movie using a screenplay by Van Robichaux and Evan Susser based on a story Robichaux and Susser created with Max Greenfield. Fist Fight opened in theaters in the United States on February 17, 2017.

In Fist Fight, after Ron Strickland (Ice Cube) is hired at a high school, rumors begin to swirl about his background with theories that he came from a rough neighborhood or a jail. So when fellow teacher Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) forces Ron to take the blame for an incident, Ron is fired by Principal Tyler (Dean Norris). 

But Ron doesn't take this news lightly. He returns to the high school, confronts Andy and challenges him to a fist fight in the school parking lot. Andy, being the mild-mannered English teacher, is frightened by this thought and asks his colleagues (including Christina Hendricks, Tracy Morgan and Jillian Bell) for advice. To make matters worse, the students learn about the scheduled brawl and the event begins trending on social media. 

Fist Fight is just one of several early 2017 movies worth a watch along with The Great Wall, Moonlight, John Wick: Chapter 2, and Fifty Shades Darker.

He Did It
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Principal Richard Tyler: Someone's going down for this. I'm firing one of you two today. 
Andy Campbell: He did it.

In this Fist Fight movie quote, Principal Tyler brings teachers Ron and Andy into his office to figure out who was responsible for an incident. Andy, wanting to save his job, blames Ron and Ron is subsequently fired.

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Speak with a Teacher
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911 Operator: 911, what's your emergency?
Andy Campbell: There's a crazy guy at my high school. He's trying to beat you up. 
911 Operator: If you have a problem with a bully, I need you to speak to a teacher. 
Andy Campbell: I am a teacher. 
911 Operator: You're a grown man. Now go and take that ass whoopin'!

Scared for his life, Andy calls 911 in these Fist Fight movie quotes. But when the 911 operator realizes that it's a teacher calling about a bully, she can't do anything but laugh.

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I'm Gonna Fight You
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Ron Strickland: I'm gonna fight you.
Andy Campbell: I'm sorry, what?
Ron Strickland: Parking lot, after school! It's on!
Andy Campbell: Teachers don't fight!
Ron Strickland: I want everybody to see this.

After Andy rats Ron out to Principal Tyler, Ron informs Andy that they will be fighting in the school parking lot. Andy, like any civilized adult, is shocked by this news and tries to express that in these Fist Fight movie quotes.

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I Don't Need to Be Liked
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Ron Strickland: I don't need to be liked. I need to educate. 

Mr. Strickland is very clear about his personal teaching style. He isn't interested in how much students like him, only if they learn what he's there to teach them.

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