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People Who Bought Fixer-Uppers Describe The Things They Wish They Knew Beforehand

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The DIY trend is incredibly popular, and it even affects new homebuyers, especially those who want tips for their fixer-uppers. People who previously would've hired contractors or other professionals to accomplish manageable tasks like hanging shelves or pulling weeds, now rely more on their own agency.

Realizing that some tasks don't need to be hired-out can actually revolutionize the home-buying process. And according to property owners on Reddit, there are many other tips first-time home owners should know. For example, changing your locks after moving in can prevent the previous tenants from dropping by unannounced, and having multiple house emergency funds can protect you when appliances malfunction unexpectedly.

The more you know about the things that go wrong in fixer-uppers, the better prepared you'll be when it's time to own property.

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    Don't Rely Solely On The House Inspection

    From Redditor /u/boomclapclap:

    Don't put too much stock in that home inspection. Even the best inspectors are really only looking at something that may/may not work at the time of the inspection.

    My inspection came back very clean as well, just minor stuff. But within the first year my hot water heater was busted and my A/C needed to be replaced. Nothing against the inspector, both of those were working fine when he did his inspection, and he cant lift up the water heater to see if the bottom is getting corroded. The water heater was within the normal age range, looked clean, and worked fine so he gave it a pass.

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    Take Care Of The Gutters And Other Structural Concerns

    From Redditor /u/goblueM:

    Make sure your gutters, downspouts, sump pumps, roof, and all associated things upon which rain falls and is subsequently diverted off your house and away are functional and working as intended.

    Most of these are out of sight, out of mind - and that's dangerous when they can cause significant damage to your house.

    Don't worry about small things inside that are more superficial - tackle the things that might affect the structural integrity of the house over the long run.

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    Don't Decorate Every Room At Once

    From Redditor /u/jhairehmyah:

    Progressively decorate/furnish. You likely have one or two additional bathrooms than you had at the apartment. Its okay to have guests use your master shower if it means waiting to buy an expensive shower curtain. And dollar store or thrift store hand towels and trash cans and soap containers will suffice at first for that extra bathroom until you have extra cash to come around and give it the proper treatment.

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    Change Your Locks When The Previous Tenants Leave

    From Redditor /u/smar82:

    Change your locks in the house and also reprogram your garage door remote (if you have one).

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