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The 20 Most Flamboyant Anime Characters of All Time

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Few things are more fun than an anime character who is totally flamboyant. These fabulous boys and men aren't afraid to embrace their feminine side - but many of them do so with the utmost drama. From confident, dramatic folks with attitude to drag queens in high heels and fishnets, flamboyant anime characters are awesome. 

Not every character rocking a flamboyant aesthetic is gay, although many of them are. Characters like Victor Nikiforov of Yuri!!! on ICE clearly display their love for other men, but others, like Pegasus J. Crawford from Yu-Gi-Oh!, actually fall in love with women. Others, like Yuuga Aoyama from My Hero Academia, don't send a clear message about what their orientation might be. It just goes to show that gender presentation isn't the same thing as orientation, and that flamboyant guys can be straight, bi, gay, or anything else. Also, while some of these characters do identify to some degree with femininity, none of them are confirmed to be trans women. Rather, they're men who refuse to be limited by society's expectations of what men should be. 

Which ones do you think have the most style?

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    James - 'Pokemon'

    James - 'Pokemon'
    Photo: OLM

    James' is the male half of the human part of Team Rocket. What he lacks in actual Pokemon-stealing abilities, he makes up for with style and attitude.

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    Yuuga Aoyama - 'My Hero Academia'

    Everything about Yuuga Aoyama, from his personality to his room decor, is sparkly and fabulous. That's why his hero name is Can't Stop Twinkling. 

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    Emporio Ivankov - 'One Piece'

    Emporio Ivankov is an okama, which is a complicated Japanese slang term that in the world of One Piece means crossdresser. In fact, he's considered the greatest okama of them all. His Devil Fruit allows him to manipulate hormones, which gives him the ability to create a more feminine appearance for himself whenever he wants.

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    Tamaki Suou - 'Ouran High School Host Club'

    Every member of the Host Club has a different persona that they hope will be appealling to their guests. But Tamaki's ostentatiousness isn't just an act - it's who he is. 

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