Signs Our Obsession With Hot Cheetos Has Gone WAY Too Far

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Vote up the recipes that put the 'F U' in fusion.

As everybody already knows, originality died back in '09, a death that led the culinary world to embrace fusion as the latest trend. And though fusion has offered the world treats such as the Cronut and loco moco burritos, it's also given the world a collection of Flamin' Hot Cheetos recipes that go too far. People obsessed with flaming hot cheetos are nothing new, nor are they wrong for liking them; Flamin' Hot Cheetos fused together some of the world's greatest loves: cheesy, crunchy, and spicy. However, the obsession with Flamin' Hot Cheetos got a little too hot to handle with these over-the-top hot cheetos recipes, recipes to which even Homer Simpson would give the side-eye.

While not all Flamin' Hot Cheeto-infused recipes join the rank of food abominations, they definitely serve to remind everyone that things like Cholula and Tapatio sauce exist. Think about how much extra work you put into your Hot Cheeto sushi roll when you could just use Tabasco. Even new fast food treats went in on the Flamin' Hot Cheetos trend, a development sure to leave a stain on your fingers and possibly the rest of the world's culinary future. Vote up the abominations that make you want to say, "FU, Flamin' fusion!"