The Biggest Flash-In-The-Pan Athletes And What They're Up To Now

Joel Embiid's rookie season sparked a heated debate in the sports world about whether or not an athlete could be worthy of receiving a seasonal award without having played anywhere close to a full schedule of games in that season. The 76ers forward was undeniably the best first-year player in the NBA, but should the NBA Rookie of the Year trophy really go to someone who only played 31 of his team's 82 games?

The hype of this situation begs the question: Who are the biggest flash-in-the-pan athletes of all-time? Who made the biggest splashes in the smallest sample sizes? And who had the most sizzle with the least steak?

For clarification, a flash-in-the-pan player needs to have shown superstar potential at the highest levels of their sport before, of course, sinking into mediocrity, irrelevance, or worse. A draft bust and prospects who never excelled are different things altogether.