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November 27, 2017 10 items

"Mad" Mike Hughes wants to settle the flat-Earth debate once and for all by launching himself 1,800 feet into the air via a homemade rocket. But when the Associated Press reported Hughes plans to launch himself in a rocket, it brought him to the attention of the federal government, who subsequently barred Hughes from taking off in Amboy, California. Like many flat-Earth celebrities, Hughes is convinced the planet cannot be a sphere and believes that by live streaming his rocket launch, he can finally prove it.With the launch indefintely delayed by both legal and logistic issues, people are starting to wonder if Hughes will, in fact, fly his rocket. 

Hughes's life story is much more interesting than his flat-Earth beliefs imply. A self-proclaimed stuntman, Hughes boasts a number of records under his belt, along with a few aspirations higher than the atmosphere he hopes to enter very soon. Despite the fact the flat-Earth theory falls apart pretty easily, Hughes believes he can change the minds of billions the world over, if he can just get off the ground first.

Hughes Postponed His Rocket Launch

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Getting Hughes and his rocket into the sky faces a number of legal hurdles in addition to the obvious logistical ones. The Bureau of Land Management in Amboy, California, (Hughes's proposed launching site) learned of the stuntman's plans via the story initially reported by the Associated Press and subsequently banned him from performing the launch. Though Hughes claims the BLM told him the matters fell under the jurisdiction of the Federal Aviation Administration, the Bureau's response states they never knew of his intention to launch a rocket there.

Additionally, Hughes says his homemade launching ramp he constructed himself suffered a malfunction on November 23, two days after the AP's reported story. This, combined with the legal barriers, may keep Hughes grounded for the time being, though he says he plans to launch from another location nearby in the coming week.

He Built His Rocket And Launcher Himself

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Photo:  Mike Hughes

To launch himself 1,800 feet into the air, Hughes constructed the rocket and its launchpad all on his own. The pad itself is an RV Hughes purchased on Craiglist then modified himself. The project cost him $20,000 altogether. When it finally launches, Hughes plans to stream the event from the rocket itself. 

Hughes Broke A Record In 2002 For Longest Limousine Jump

When not piloting rockets, Hughes drives limousines as a chauffeur. He enjoys combining his thrill-seeking personality with his profession, which led him to breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest ramp jump in a limo. Hughes managed to send a three-ton Lincoln Town Car flying 103 feet across the Perris Auto Speedway in California. 

Hughes Only Became A Flat-Earth Believer In The Past Year

Despite undertaking a costly and life-threatening challenge, Hughes says he only started believing the Earth was flat a little over a year ago. After researching the theory, though, Hughes eventually decided to determine for himself the theory happened to be true, leading him to undertake his latest stunt.