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Ghostly Film Negatives Showed Up At A Flea Market In England, And Nobody Knows Who's In Them  

Mariel Loveland
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Vintage clothes, prized paintings, and unique furniture - there are amazing flea market finds out there. Among the most captivating are those offering a glimpse of the past. Greg Pack, a retired graphic artist, found the Holy Grail of vintage photographs when he purchased a mysterious box from a boot sale in Chelmsford, Essex, UK.

Greg managed to haggle the box's price to around $5 and worked tirelessly to transform the glass negatives into positives and track down the photos’ source. Fortunately, he used to work in the field of graphic reproduction.

Greg’s son, Scott Pack, posted the wild ride on Twitter and asked the internet to help him look for clues. Many in the comments section dissected the clothing worn in each picture, as well as the locations listed underneath the back of the box in an attempt to date the images.

After navigating a couple of red herrings, the Packs ultimately decided the images were more than 100 years old - possibly taken between 1901 and 1909 - of an English family who might have taken a holiday in France. You never know what kind of history your next flea market visit will unearth.

A Former Graphic Designer Bought An Old Box Filled With Glass Negatives


He Haggled The Price To Around $5


He Held The Plate To The Light And Snapped Pictures With His iPhone To Transform The Negatives Into Positives


Then He Inverted The Image On Photoshop