unspeakable crimes Flight Attendant Gets Caught Smuggling Nearly $500,000  

Mick Jacobs

Flight attendants certainly receive in-flight privileges off limits to the rest of the world, but smuggling contraband is definitely not one of them. In the video below, one flight attendant learns the hard way.

On a Jet Airways flight from Delhi to Hong Kong, flight attendant Devshi Kulshreshtha, 25, attempts to smuggle thousands of dollars tucked away in her baggage. Wrapped in tin foil, the bills manage to avoid detection from pre-flight scanners.

But when the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) received a tip-off, they decided to search Kulshreshtha's bags, finding hundreds of thousands of dollars tucked away.

Kulshreshtha reportedly worked alongside another smuggler named Amit Malhotra, and authorities are investigating if other Jet Airways employees may be a part of this operation. Watch the video below to see just how much Kulshreshtha almost got away with.