14 Of The Deadliest Animals In Florida

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The marshy wetlands and coastal shores of America's southeastern state of Florida are home to animals, fish, and insects that flourish in humid and tropical environments. The region hosts a mix of native and exotic species, and both can prove to be a deadly danger to its human inhabitants. Powerful and poisonous Florida animals are no strangers to self-defense and spreading sickness, and an encounter with one can wind up being a fatal experience.

Some dangerous Florida animals are massive beasts with ancient ties, like the barreling great white shark and the brawny alligator. Other species have popped up more recently, such as the vampiric, parasite-carrying kissing bug and the disease-riddled wild boar.

From the Everglades to the landlocked center of the state, the deadliest animals in Florida have rightfully earned their fearsome rep. Keep an eye out next time you're out for a stroll – you never know what's waiting in the foliage.