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Thanks To Invasive Species, The Florida Everglades Are Getting A Whole Lot Scarier

Florida might very well be the most terrifying place in North America, and that's only partially because of the crazy crime stories and enormous alligators that inhabit the state's swamps. The Everglades National Park is one of the country's greatest natural treasures, but a surge of invasive species in Florida is quietly turning the beloved park into a nightmare.

If you haven't been following the slow destruction of the Everglades, things aren't looking good for America's favorite swamp. Invasive species in the Florida Everglades are wreaking all sorts of havoc on the environment. Human introduced predators, including massive pythons, are experiencing a population boom that is threatening the Everglades' native animals. Even invasive plants are starting to move in and cause issues for the local flora, so no Florida species is safe. Without a significant and concentrated effort to eradicate these invasive pests, the ecology of America's most diverse environment may be irreversibly altered.