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20 Knockout Tweets About The Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul Exhibition Boxing Match

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On June 6, YouTuber Logan Paul got in the ring with retired professional boxer and undefeated champion Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition fight for eight rounds...and a whole lot of cash. With no judges, no scorecard, and no ring announcer, the fight was purely for entertainment purposes, and it definitely delivered on that promise. While most deemed the fight a bit surreal and strange, many would agree that it was an interesting watch. Here are a few of the best reactions to the exhibition fight. Vote up the knockout reactions. 

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    Live The Dream

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      It Was More Entertaining

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        *Record Scratch*

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          Not Holding Back


          From @rickyhitmanhatton:

          WTF was all this about? What happened to the days where fighters would put there lives on the line to try be the best and at least fight the best. Now we have fighters calling out youtubers as that’s where the most money is these days due to the social media world we live in? I can live with an exhibition like Mike (Tyson) and Roy (Jones) did between two legends of our sport but the greatest fighter of all time who has only recently retired against somebody who’s only there cus of how many followers he has and not because of who he’s previously beat? Money is important that’s why we went from the amateurs and turned pro. But these days money seems more important than the legacy. Floyd and Logan, hey everyman to there own. Good luck to both. My personal opinion that was sh*t for boxing. #getupthereboy