This Bizarre Genetic Mutation Makes Every Animal Look Like A Sheep Hybrid

It is well known that dogs go "woof," cats go "meow," and birds go "tweet," but what do those animals say if they have the rex mutation that makes them look like a sheep? Well nothing different, but the fluffy genetic mutation makes animals from pigs to dogs and horses take on the appearances of some kind of sheep hybrid. While the strange mutations exhibited by animals possessing the rex gene is rare in nature, humans selectively breed animals for the qualities of fluffiness.

One of the first animals to be bred for the mutation by humans were rabbits but the desire to see new and different animals with the sheep-like quality did not stop there. Breeders of animals from cats to chickens and guinea pigs have created genetic lines that carry the rex gene. Of course, the exotic looking animals gain a lot of attention and breeders of cats, including the humorously named T-Rex cat (named because it was bred in Tennessee), have created four breeds with the distinctive follicle formation. The T-Rex even has a coat that looks like it glimmers in the sunlight. So take a look at these incredible creatures!