funny The Flyest Black Santas of All Time  

Robert Wabash
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Apparently, in 2013, people are getting really possessive about the origins about Santa Claus. Not whether or not he's from the North Pole (duh, we all know that), but whether the color of Jolly Old St. Nick's skin could possibly be anything other than white. In recent days, there have been several controversies regarding the possibility of a Black Santa, and people are getting their candy cane colored panties in a twist about the situation.

From Fox News' Megyn Kelly (really? A Fox News controversy? You can't be serious...) asserting to all the overly studious kids who believe in Santa AND watch Fox News that "Santa just is white", to a New Mexico Teacher who told an African American high school student to take off a Santa hat and beard because Santa is white and the student is black, there are just a whole lot of people in the US right now who can't stand the thought of Santa being anything other than a fat, white man (because we don't see enough of those in the US on a daily basis as it is).

In an attempt to make the Santa-loving public see that there's room for a black or white Santa Claus, it seemed the right thing to do to compile a list of all the flyest Black Santas through time. From a Black Santa who opened his lap to the First Lady of the United States to a cigar-chomping funny man, there are plenty of Black Santas to counter the "traditional" images offered to the general public.

Who makes the best Black Santa? Take a peek at this list of famous Black Santas and decide for yourself. The concept of a Black Santa is amazing and diverse, and come on, what kid is going to argue against having TWO SANTAS delivering presents?