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Meet The Flying Fox - A Mammoth-Sized Gentle Giant

Updated 3 Jun 2020 29.8k views12 items

The megabat, the fruit bat, the fabulous flying fox - these common names all describe the mammoth flying mammal that's more scientifically recognized by its genus, Pteropus. But exactly what are flying foxes other than a giant cat that's been stuffed into a bat's body? What's actually up with them? Are they bats? Cats? Foxes that transformed into giant, flying beasts somewhere along the sands of time?

Facts about flying foxes reveal that they're actually a huge part of the ecosystems of Southeast Asia and are capable of much more than your average cave-dwelling bat. Their large bodies allow for them to accomplish daring physical feats and live an intricate lifestyle full of long-winded flights and multiple mates as they linger amongst the island rainforests, diligently pollinating the environment with various flower and fruit seeds. Read on to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

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