Interesting Fan Theories From Movies About Folklore And Urban Legends

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Movies about folklore and urban legends have become a well-loved genre amongst fans, especially when they have an edge of darkness to them. From legends with real-world backstories, to lore that's only specific to the film, fans continuously find themselves enraptured. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories within movies about folklore and urban legends.

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    The Witch Didn't Kill Heather And Mike In 'The Blair Witch Project'

    From Redditor u/xXSJADOo:

    The Blair Witch Project ends with Heather descending the stairs to the basement. She enters a room and sees Mike with his face in the corner of the room. Heather is screaming his name but he doesn't turn around. The camera hits the floor, implying that Heather was knocked to the ground and probably killed. Then it ends.

    As most of us realized, upon watching this final scene, this "facing in the corner while the other person is killed" scenario ties back to the beginning where people are telling the story of Rustin Parr. This was a guy who was influenced by the Blair Witch to bring children in pairs to a house in the woods and kill them. He didn't want the children to watch him kill the other, so he had one stand in the corner while he killed the other. Its not completely clear how he was influenced by the Blair Witch (phyiscally threatened, spiritually possessed Rustin, etc.). Later, he admitted to these crimes and was hanged.

    Fast forward to the present day story:

    Each night the main characters are camping in the woods, they hear noises coming from all directions. One night, the noises are very loud and they run away from the tent. When they return, the find that one of their backpacks and clothes were all spread out, covered in some sort of slime. After looking through it, they realize it looks like Josh's belongings were singled out, as his clothes were the only ones to get covered in the slime.

    The next night, they take turns sitting outside the tent, keeping watch. The next morning they realize Josh is gone. As the movie goes on, you hear Josh screaming from a distance, and one morning they find a roll of sticks contain what looks like bloody teeth or bone wrapped in Josh's shirt.

    Near the end, Heather and Mike hear Josh screaming, which leads them to an old house. This is where the final scene occurs.

    It seems that most people come to the conclusion that the Blair Witch kills Heather (and probably Mike) here. I disagree.

    First of all, let's look back to the story that is told at the beginning of the movie. Each of these killings involve 4 people/entities: 2 victims, 1 killer, and 1 Witch. In these stories about the children murders, the Witch was never the one killing them, she influenced someone else to do it for her.

    The witch does not kill Heather and Mike, just as she didn't kill the children. Josh did. If the Blair Witch used someone else (Rustin Parr) why would she do it herself now? Especially since she now, presumably, has someone in her possession (physically or spiritually, depending on how you look at it). She even seemed to single Josh out from the very beginning of the group's filming project with the slime, and taking him from the group. Josh was not calling for help when he was in the cabin, he was luring Heather and Mike. And the Blair Witch did not kill anyone, she influenced Josh to do so, just as she did to Rustin.

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    King Arthur Fails His Quest In 'Monty Python And The Holy Grail' Because Of The Way He Counted

    King Arthur Fails His Quest In 'Monty Python And The Holy Grail' Because Of The Way He Counted
    Photo: EMI Films

    From Redditor u/boogaloobear:

    Why King Arthur and his knights failed in their quest to retrieve the Holy Grail. When King Arthur throws the Holy Hand Grenade, he counts 1,2,5,3. The book of armaments specifically says “5 is right out”. When Arthur says 5, their quest loses the blessing of God. The grenade still worked, but it also led the police to their location and they were arrested.

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    The Bee Sting Awakens The Candyman Essence Within Anthony In 'Candyman'

    From Redditor u/Dat_Jess22:

    Daniel groomed his hive from the start.

    So after I watched Candyman, I immediately watched the original movie just to confirmed what I remembered about the general idea of the film. What I connected that Saturday might just be what made this movie the best horror film I've seen this year. My theory is that Daniel, the original Candyman, actually groomed Anthony to become a candyman when he was a baby.

    The reason I thought this was true was the odd coincidences he grew up to be and the details I took out of the old movie. I'll begin when the infant Anthony was kidnapped. Most casual viewers may have focused more on Helen and her plight but I started noticing the small details they showed of Anthony in the candyman's lair. The first thing I noticed was that when the baby cried, Daniel calmed him by letting him suckle on his finger. At first, since I knew of Candyman's bees, I figured he was giving him a taste of honey or something to shut him up. Then the movie advanced to where Helen was talking to the doctor and he dropped the bombshell that she's been out of it for a whole month. The baby has been in those walls for a whole month. I figured since the child didn't die that Candyman had to be feeding him honey the whole time. This may be a stretch but, in nursing, I learned that feeding a baby of that age honey is deadly. Also to combine that, and the fact that Candyman already admitted that they all were already dead means that if Anthony burned that night he would have been in the hive in the 90's. It isn't past Daniel to have a Candyman young, since the evidence in the credits of the 2021 movie has a Candyman that is based off of 14 year old George Stinney jr, but would an infant be too young?

    Ok, so Anthony lives, Helen's the new ghost story, and Candyman is gone for now. Everyone's safe right? No. They're not. Now we're headed to my second part in this theory being correct is the odd coincidences in the 2021 movie. So Anthony's mother moves them to the Southside of Chicago, opposite side away from Cabrini–Green and he grows into a fine young man. Sophisticated artist of the art scene in this decade, so good at what he does that he gets a gig freshly out of art school. That sounds a lot like a young man in decades past what was a sophisticated artist that is a maverick in is field at his time. Then his downfall starts with one bee sting. I feel like Daniel's essence was dormant in his DNA then it was activated once his mind and body was pushed into Candyman's path. Another thing I noticed that he had Daniel's essence activated was that once the murders start everyone seemed interested, in an almost 180 from indifference to Anthony's art to spreading it like wildfire. I feel like the hypnotic like power that Daniel had over Helen was sort of the same thing Anthony unknowingly spread to others to Say his name. I'd like to add the other candyman's don't have this power, or at least we weren't shown this.

    So to make a conclusion Daniel fed Anthony with royal jelly like a queen bee does to her babies to make a new queen so Anthony would be a modern him.

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    Ariel Accidentally Enchanted Prince Eric In 'The Little Mermaid'

    From Redditor u/sherlockdoctor:

    tldr: Eric was so obsessed with Ariel because she inadvertently enchanted him when she saved him.

    Kinda a simple one really. Ariel is a mermaid, which are also known as sirens. Sirens use their voices to bewitch sailors. It's stated in the movie that Ariel has the "most beautiful voice".

    So when Ariel rescues Eric she sings to him from her heart a song about her desire to be with him. She accidentally used the magic in her voice to enchant Eric the same way she would've if she had wanted to lure him like the sirens in Greek myths, something she never quite realized she did. Ursula obviously knew how to do it, because she later used Ariel's voice to put Eric under a spell to get him to marry her. But really this explains why Eric was so obsessed/fell in love with a voice (to the point of "I will marry beautiful voice girl and no one else"), despite never having seen the girl. He literally couldn't get it out of his head, and it probably would've sent him insane if that necklace hadn't broken in the end (effectively ending both spells).