People With Food Allergies Shared Horror Stories About The Jerks Who Almost Killed Them

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Allergies are serious business, especially food allergies. And for people who suffer from food allergies, they can be difficult to live with, but not as difficult as people who either don't respect or don't believe in food allergies.

Over on Reddit, people are sharing their terrible tales of when a trusted person tampered with their food because they had their own (wrong) ideas about allergies.

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    (Almost) Death By Chocolate

    From Redditor u/buggirl101:

    I have a couple of different major allergies. Two of them are... odd. As a result, most people think I'm just pulling their leg. I have an allergy to cocoa (AKA chocolate) and the tobacco plant.

    My mom's side of the family was [full of] brutal people. They fed me chocolate-laced breakfast foods and candies without my knowledge, but since I was so small when they discovered [my] allergy... I hadn't had enough chocolate to know what it tasted like besides pain. I just knew my mouth would tingle, my throat would feel tight, and that I would throw up afterwards.

    My mom figured out these "throwing up fits" would happen ONLY around her family, [so] she asked them to stop.

    ...they didn't.

    So one day, my aunt gives me a full-sized hunk of pure dark chocolate. I go into a full reaction and I still remember her freaking out when I dropped/started changing colors and calling an ambulance. No, I don't remember the ride, and apparently my oxygen went down so much by the time the ambulance got there that any longer and I would have suffocated.

    I was stomach pumped and traced and left in ICU for a couple of days because my lungs couldn't handle it, and breathing was a nightmare.

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    Allergy Turned Husband Into An Ex-Husband

    TFrom Redditor u/AbortRetryImplode:

    My ex-husband did it to me one time (yeah, he's [an] ex for a reason). The ONE rule I made when I moved in was no peanut stuff in the house because his kids were sloppy and I did most of the cooking and cleaning. They'd leave peanut butter all over the place if they made a sandwich, and I'd have to get gloves and a mask and go full hazmat on that sh*t.

    I finally told them, "Look, you want to get something with peanuts in it? Eat it outside the house. Don't open it in the house. I don't care as long as I don't have to worry about accidentally picking up something seemingly harmless in the kitchen and then [having] to run for my EpiPen." B*tching and moaning ensued.

    So ex-husband decided that I wasn't actually allergic. I was just coming up with rules to make his kids miserable. So he brought me home a bear claw with chopped nuts on it and told me they were pecans and he does that cutesy, "Here let me feed it to you" thing. I think he realized if I touched it then I'd have figured out it wasn't pecans pretty fast.

    But yeah, it went exactly as well as you'd expect. Immediate agony and anaphylaxis. EpiPen, Benadryl, jump in my car because, thankfully, we were a five-minute drive from the closest hospital. He didn't come down to the emergency room... I texted my mom, and she came and sat with me and held my hand while I cried because they were debating whether they were going to have to trach me and I was terrified.

    Seven hours later, I stagger home full of steroids and Benadryl, and the first thing he says to me in the most condescending voice possible:

    "Don't you think you were overreacting a bit?"

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    'We Are No-Contact Now'

    From Redditor u/BourreauDeTravail:

    My mom didn’t believe my little brother when he told her that he’[d] developed an allergy to bell peppers. That night, she made salad and diced green bell peppers into the salad so that he couldn’t see the tiny green cubes. Within minutes, his throat swelled and he developed hives all over his face and neck. My mom told him to stop being dramatic as he was coughing and gasping for air.

    I grabbed my EpiPen from my bag and injected him as he began to faint while my mom screamed at us for being ungrateful brats who refuse[d] to appreciate the food she cooked for us.

    We are both no-contact now.

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    'She Knew He Was Making It Up'

    From Redditor u/littleredhoodlum:

    My brother is allergic to tree nuts. My aunt thought he was lying because he'd eat things with peanuts in [them].

    Several times she brought foods with nuts in them to Christmas get-togethers. Never bothered my brother much - he just didn't eat them. This p*ssed her off, so once she make this big plate of chocolate chip cookies. My brother eats about six of them. About 20 minutes later, he's hacking and coughing.

    EpiPen, benedryl, and a trip to the hospital later, my aunt finally tells us that she used almond flour because she knew he was making it up.

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    The Cookie Monster

    From Redditor u/LaprivanOTYE:

    In addition to a dairy problem, I'm allergic to walnuts. Anaphylactic shock allergic. So of course, when I ask the nice lady if [...] walnuts [were] the "secret" of her chocolate chip cookies, she says, "No, no." I explain I'm allergic to them and it's important. "No, no, just try them and you'll see."

    I try them and immediately know there are walnuts.

    "See, you aren't allergic..."

    I start screaming at my friend across the room [to get] my EpiPen [from] the car and to have someone call [an] ambulance...

    From the depths, I also wheeze out for someone to get her name and contact info.

    Thanks for trying to kill me, lady.

    (Update: She paid all of my medical bills. This was a church pot luck thing, so "forgiveness" and all that. She wasn't allowed to bring any food to events any more, though. For old church ladies, that may as well be charges.)

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    'Put Peanuts In His Shoes'

    From Redditor u/TL10:

    There was a kid in the grade below me that was deathly allergic to peanuts. Some smart-a** in his class decided to put peanuts in his outdoor shoes.

    Kid has his EpiPen, was able to make it to the hospital. The kid who did the prank got suspended for an extended period of time.