All The Foods Brad Pitt Has Eaten On Screen, Ranked By How Much You Could Really Go For Some

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Brad Pitt may be a movie star, with a movie star body and a movie star health regimen, but he also loves food just as much as we do. At least, if the people he portrays on screen - many of whom would certainly be in contention for "hungriest character" honors - are any indication.

Pitt is constantly eating in his movies, to the extent that it has become his trademark. His cinematic snacking first caught significant audience attention in 2001's Ocean's Eleven, during which his character, Rusty Ryan, is seen nibbling on something in scene after scene - everything from burgers to nachos to cotton candy. Turns out that wasn't just an incidental acting choice. In 2019 he explained to JOE that he is a "grazer by nature" - but that for Rusty specifically, there was an inherent angle to the way the character lives his life: "He was always on the run, always on the move, I figured he could never sit down and have a proper meal. So he always had to grab something."

Dubbed the "Laurence Olivier of eating," Pitt has indulged in junk food and gourmet meals, light snacks and exotic dishes, and everything in between. The collateral damage of all that eating - especially given how effortlessly cool someone of his stature makes it look - is that audiences might get a bit hungry themselves while watching him graze through his cinematic buffets. Admit it - seeing Brad Pitt go to town on a Twinkie in Moneyball really made you crave a Twinkie, didn't it? And seeing him gulp down Angelina Jolie's special, homemade pot roast - even knowing it might be tainted - still kinda made you want to go cook a pot roast, didn't it? Sure it did.

That's just par for the course for Brad Pitt movies. Take a good look at this menu of Brad Pitt-approved snacks and meals and vote up the ones you really have a craving for right now.

Photo: Ocean's Eleven / Warner Bros.