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Food Containers You've Been Using Wrong Your Entire Life

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On the surface, food containers are somewhat underwhelming. Be it Tupperware or Tic Tac Boxes, the storage containers we put our food in seem self-explanatory: not much to discover there. But, are there more to food containers than meets the eye? These mind blowing food container tips will get you looking at your soda lids in a whole new light. 

While many of these food container tricks have been pioneered by geniuses while eating, some of the below food container hacks were built into the product design itself. Did you know that Mott's juice boxes have side tabs, so kids don't have to baptize themselves in apple juice while squeezing the box? Move over, Elon Musk; that's next-level innovation.

Then there's ketchup cups. Yes, ketchup cups: the kind stacked in any fast food establishment worth its salt. Turns out, ketchup cups have a lot more going on than you may have originally given them credit for. The little white cups can be expanded to create perfect dipping bowls, ideal for sharing.

Are you freaking out yet? The truth is that ketchup cups are just one of several food containers you've been using wrong since forever. Let's not even talk about Oreo containers. The middle divider of Oreo packs has major potential that could change your life if you let it.

Here's the tragedy: while we trudge through our mundane weeks, we oft use everyday items incorrectlyeat things the wrong way, and miss the great purposefulness of everyday objects. Here, discover the extraordinary hiding in the commonplace. These are the Clark Kents of food containers: they may appear ordinary, but they have hidden powers.

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    Soda Lids Can Hold Straws

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    Didn't think a can of Coke would ever surprise you? What about its lid? That's right; soda lids can double as straw holders. Ever put a straw in an effervescent drink just to see it bob up and down in an unnerving way? Not anymore, you won't. 

    Simply turn the tab on the can around and push the straw through it. This stops the straw from raising out of the can as the soda bubbles.

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    Soft Drink Lids Can Double As Coasters

    Nobody likes to try and get water rings out of wooden surfaces. Those water droplets that condense on cold soda can be trouble!

    Fortunately, you can use all soda lids as coasters by slipping them under your drink. Simply remove the lid and fit your cup on top of it, and save your friend's coffee table. 

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    Ketchup Cups Can Be Dipping Bowls

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    Ketchup cups are tiny. There's never enough room to fit in all the ketchup you want in one container. Instead of resorting to multiple cups of ketchup, pull apart the edges of one cup and double your ketchup accessibility.

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    Chinese Take-Out Boxes Are Really Plates

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    So, apparently the designers of Chinese take-out boxes are operating at a whole other level, because they've created a box that doubles as a plate. 

    The containers actually are meant to unfold into a plate, ideal for eating noodles. Next time you order Lo Mein, create your makeshift plate, then reassemble into a box to keep your leftovers.

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