15 Food Delivery Drivers Share Their Wildest Stories To Prepare You For The Job

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You might never even think about what happens inside the car that's bringing your food. But if you're the one that's doing the delivery, you should be prepared for what to expect when delivering food. These people are sharing their delivery driver stories that are both good and bad and they are truly worth reading.

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    They Had A Customer Snatch Their Tip Back Out Of Their Hand

    From Redditor u/eterGayrino:

    First one: This was some bullsh*t. So I deliver a pizza to this regular old house. This girl around my age comes to the door. The total was something like $19.43. So I tell her what she owes me, and she hands me a 20 and 5. I am very pleased with this $5.57 tip, but out of habit, I ask “do you need any change?” Expecting her to say no, or at least ask for 1 or 2 dollars back (which still would’ve been reasonable). She says she’s fine and I turn around to leave, but she stops me and says “wait, I gave you 25?” I simply nod. I’ll never forget this, she looks me dead in the eye with a blank expression, reaches out, snatches the five back from me, and shuts the door without another word.

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    They Found A Lost Dog For A Very Grateful Woman

    From a former Redditor:

    Pull up to a house, open up the door to get the pizzas out, big happy yellow lab jumps in my car. I brought him up to the door with me just assuming he was their dog. The lady is like " I've never seen that dog in my life". Okay, so brought my buddy back to the store with me. Told my boss I was clocking out to take him to get his microchipped scanned at the local vet. She wrote down his address, and it was only like 4 streets over from the house I picked him up at. Pulled up to this house and there's a guy getting out of his car. "Hey man is this your dog?" "No this is my girlfriend's house shes been looking for him all day." (It was night time at this point) Lady busts out the front door, mascara running down her face, and screams "MARTY!!!" and gives this big silly lab a huge hug. She was so happy and thanked me a million times before I left. That felt really good. 

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    They Delivered Subs In A Storm And Didn't Even Get Tipped

    From Redditor u/SillySilhouettes:

    In near-hurricane conditions, I was delivering subs for Jimmy Johns. Took me a little longer than usual to get to a house, I am completely drenched, standing in the rain because the front door didn’t have a stoop. The guy opens the door and says “took you long enough” grabbed his sandwich and didn’t tip me.

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    They Didn't See The Bear In The Driveway Of The House They Were Delivering To

    From Redditor u/Winnifredthadeuspooh:

    I used to deliver Edible Arrangements. One time I was at a house in your average northeastern suburban neighborhood and I had gone to the door with the arrangement but didn't get an answer. So I go back to my truck, put the arrangement in the back side door, and was standing outside the open passenger door facing the truck, trying to call the customer to see if they'd be home soon and I can leave or if I should try to find one of their neighbors to take it in.

    As the phone is ringing, the customers car pulls in the driveway and so I hang up the phone and wave, and as they roll down their window I start to say "Oh, hi! I have a delivery for you-" and the customer who's house this was just very calmly said "I don't want to alarm you, but there's a bear right behind you.."

    I turned around and not 3 feet away was a young bear (bigger than a cub, but not yet full grown) just sniffing around their bushes. I didn't know what to do, my legs just turned to jelly and I froze. So I said to the customer "What do I do??" and she looks at me like I'm out of my mind and goes "GET IN THE CAR"

    Now, the smart thing to do would have been to jump into the passenger seat that I was literally standing right outside with the door open and everything but in my nervous state, I slam the passenger door and run all the way around (the long way around the truck, too smh) and get in the driver's seat and lock the doors.

    The side door to the refrigerated side of my truck was still open, but at least I was separated from the bear. The bear didn't notice me until I slammed the door shut but all he did was wander up to the side door and sniff the beautiful fruit arrangements in my truck. He hung out for a few minutes until the customer finally had enough and laid down on their horn until he took off running down the street.

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    They Asked For Their Customer's Number And Now They're Married

    From Redditor u/hollowcard:

    Not me, my brother. This is the sequence:

    Parcel delivery, signature required.

    A pretty girl opens the door.

    "I'd like a signature and your number please"

    he gets both...

    They're married for about 3 years now...

    I guess that's one delivery he's not going to easily forget.

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    They Watched The End Of The Super Bowl With An Elderly Man

    From Redditor u/Obamasretirementplan:

    My junior year in high school I worked at a Chinese food restaurant as their delivery guy. It was Super Bowl Sunday and surprisingly we were not getting much business. (I guess pizza is the main choice for football games.) That night I delivered to an elderly mans home and he noticed me glancing at his TV in his living room to check the score. There were only 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter so he invited me inside to watch the end of the game. We sit down in his living room and during a commercial break he tells me about how his son would always drive across the country to come and visit every year to watch the Super Bowl with him. I noticed a sad look on his face and he then explains how his son perished in Afghanistan 5 years prior and how I reminded him of his son. Me and this random elderly man watched the last 3 minutes of the super bowl together. He ended up tipping me $40 and thanked me for sitting with him during the end of the game. It was sort of awkward at first but looking back on it, I’m glad I was able to bring back some good memories for him.

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