Important Food Rules To Know For Every State In The US

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Every state in the US has its own culinary tradition, and with those traditions, of course, come a set of rules. How strict the rules are depends on the state and the level of fanaticism of the foodies who call that state home. Some places may give a knowing glance and a smile while explaining the traditional way things are done, while some food faux pas will get you run right out of town.

Not knowing what hot dog sauce is while visiting Virginia will likely get you a chorus of "Bless your heart," while daring to sully a pot of chili with beans in Texas will have folks no longer calling you pardner. But of course the rules vary across states, and we could only ask so many people. We scoured the internet, asked Reddit, and even quizzed Ranker staff in search of food rules for every state. Let us know if we got them right.