Food Museums Around The World

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Hungry? You will be after visiting one of these museums dedicated to that which sustains us, food. Just as the companies that offer factory tours allow a look into how favorite foods and other items are produced, these museums highlight the history behind our favorite foods and drinks.

These food museums from around the world celebrate food and beverages from different regional styles to specific types of food to brands like Spam and McDonald's. Food museums can also explore a food made from a plant, for example, The Bread Museum in Ulm, Germany, a product, such as the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum, the art of food displayed at California's Copia.

As one could expect, branded museums like the World of Coca-Cola are operated by the companies that own the brand and reside in the birthplace of the specific food. Other museums are for larger types of food, like the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, or the Musée du Vin, or Museum of Wine, located in Paris, France.

Whatever the food or beverage, these food museums around the world give a look back at how the edibles got their start and evolved throughout the years. Yum!
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  • Jell-O Museum
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    Jell-O Museum

  • Kool-Aid Museum
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    Kool-Aid Museum

  • McDonald's Museum
    40 votes

    McDonald's Museum

  • Idaho Potato Museum
    37 votes

    Idaho Potato Museum

  • World of Coca-Cola
    39 votes

    World of Coca-Cola

  • Southern Food and Beverage Museum
    53 votes

    Southern Food and Beverage Museum