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People Describe Their Worst Food Poisoning Horror Stories

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Getting tainted food is basically a rite of passage in life. Chances are if you haven't had it yet, you will. But that doesn't mean that all food sickness experiences are created equal. These Redditors explained their over-the-top horrific time with food sickness.

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    The Entire Summer Camp Got Sick

    From Redditor u/hellalazy:

    Summer camp! The entire camp got sick, a few of us had to go to the ER, including myself. I remember being in the ER and the guy next me had [the worst] diarrhea on the floor, the smell was so bad it made me and the other guy throw up all over the floor. The emergency room floor was covered with sh*t, water, and vomit. The nurse gave us all a huge [injection] in our butt. Apparently, the cook lost a Band-Aid in the food and made us all sick.

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    Chicken And Dumplings Sent Them To The ER

    From Redditor u/kerintheam:

    Cracker Barrel. I went on my birthday (12/22) with my boyfriend's family because they wanted to take me for dinner and I love cornbread.

    I had the chicken and dumplings and remembering thinking, "Hm, these taste a little off," but because I'm stupid, I demolished the plate anyway.

    I woke up at about 3 am the next morning with HORRIBLE stomach pains. I can't even describe these pains. Like gas pains but 1000x times worse. So much pain. I felt amazingly nauseous but have a strong reflex against vomiting, so nothing there. Later that night, my boyfriend and I had tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas show in Philly, and it was awful. I spent a good portion of the show in the bathroom, cried through most of the concert because of the pain, and left early. I finally threw up for the first time outside the Wells Fargo center on the sidewalk while waiting for an Uber.

    The vomiting/diarrhea was constant for the next 36 hours, until Christmas morning. I had taken a bus to my mother's hometown in NEPA on Christmas Eve, and I had never been so miserable in my 26 years of life. I cried the whole bus ride and sobbed when I saw my mother at the bus station. My mother is a nurse and knew I was seriously ill and stated that I was going to the ER the next morning if she couldn't get me to keep fluids in that night.

    Spoiler alert, she couldn't. So, after presents on Christmas morning (which was a goddamn struggle), I spent the rest of Christmas day in the ER. It was f*cking awful. I have never been so sick in my entire life. I THREW UP OVER 25 TIMES (most of which was dry heaving with only a little bit of water/Gatorade coming out). It was literally the most awful three days of my life. It took my system over two weeks to completely recover.

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    They Ate Tainted Food During Their Midterms

    From Redditor u/maxpowr9:

    Week of midterms my senior year in college. I missed two midterms because the university's cafeteria decided to not cook its chicken (or didn't wash its knives before cutting said chicken) for the chicken Caesar salad and I got food [sickness]. I woke up at 8 am nauseous and puking. I would have sucked it up until I started to puke blood up and I went to the ER. They had me wait for 30 mins before they saw me, and about halfway through my 'interview' of my symptoms, I puked and they got me into the ER ASAP.

    Not that I condone said behavior, but if you want to be seen quickly in the ER, create a biohazard in the waiting area and they'll attend to you quickly.

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    A Lukewarm Lobster Roll Spelled Disaster

    From Redditor u/buckerooni:

    My sister jammed a lukewarm lobster ball in my mouth off a street vendor in HK. The food [sickness] kicked in the next day at the horse track buffet. Spent the next three days wishing China had embraced the bidet next to the toilet so I had a chute for both ends. Thanks for the great trip, sis, you f*cker.