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People Describe Their Worst Food Poisoning Horror Stories

January 26, 2021 2.3k votes 341 voters 13.6k views13 items

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Getting tainted food is basically a rite of passage in life. Chances are if you haven't had it yet, you will. But that doesn't mean that all food sickness experiences are created equal. These Redditors explained their over-the-top horrific time with food sickness.

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    They Had The Worst Birthday Party Ever 

    From Redditor u/catachaos:

    It was the first birthday I had where my parents could afford to take me and some friends out somewhere. We went to a bowling alley, and I was super happy that I could finally have a party where it wasn't just some cake and sandwiches at my house. We all got food [sickness] and three of the people I invited didn't want to be friends with me after that.

    I guess the food [sickness] wasn't that bad, but the repercussions sucked.

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    Pre-Cooked Shrimp Sent Them To The Hospital

    From Redditor u/breakingb0b:

    Whole Foods precooked shrimp. After day three of being feverish and amazingly sick, I started passing out when I tried standing up. Doc put me on very strong antibiotics to kick it.

    Without doubt the sickest I've been. Like a norovirus that just didn't want to quit.

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    They Developed An Irrational Fear Of Vomiting

    From Redditor u/mablueeyes23:

    I was in elementary school and it was Friday. Friday was French Bread Pizza day, inarguably the best day on the lunch calendar. I came home and didn't feel well. I kept telling my mom that my tummy hurt, but I was pretty young and couldn't discern between nausea and diarrhea. Turns out it was nausea. I basically threw up on my mother as she was getting me ready for bed. I then, over the course of two days, threw up every sip of water, every bit of anything, to the point where I was just dry heaving.

    Since that experience, I have suffered from a hugely irrational fear of vomiting. Eating is a huge problem for me, as is being in environments or situations where vomiting is likely to occur (restaurants/large parties/music festivals/carnivals or amusement parks/etc.). All because of French Bread Pizza day.

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    They Used To Have A Raw Cookie Dough Habit

    From Redditor u/HoustonBrooke:

    I used to be addicted to raw cookie dough, I would eat it for a week from the fridge and never make the actual cookies. I didn't think much about the raw eggs inside.

    Many years ago, I ate some that was about a week old and got sick. For some strange reason, on Day Two I thought I could go to work.

    The act of crawling up into the driver seat of my truck propelled unexpected vomit out of me so fast all I could do was puke down the side of my truck.

    I figured I wasn't ready to go back to work afterward. Two things happened because of that - I stopped eating raw cookie dough, and I left a vomit stain at my apartment complex because my reserved spot was under a carport.