Our Favorite Foodie Mind-Boggling Riddles

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Food and riddles: two great flavors, together at last! A good riddle nearly stumps us until we finally stumble onto the answer, then leaves us hungry for more. So, we've searched for a variety of riddles to quench our puzzle appetites, this time focusing on food. 

Take a big bite out of these food-themed brain teasers and see if they satiate that riddle rumble in your tummy. 

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    This One Has Layers

    The Riddle:

    Throw away the outside and cook the inside, then eat the outside and throw away the inside. What is it? 




    Corn on the cob, because you throw away the husk, cook and eat the kernels, and throw away the cob. 

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    What Lynn Likes

    The Riddle:

    Lynn likes grapes but not potatoes. She likes squash but not lettuce, and she likes peas but not onions. Following the same rule, will she like pumpkins or apples?





    The Answer:

    Pumpkins. Lynn only likes things that grow on vines.

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    Restaurant Promo

    The Riddle:

    A fancy restaurant in New York was offering a promotional deal. A married couple could eat for half-price on their anniversary. To prevent scams, the couple would need proof of their wedding date. One Thursday evening, a couple claimed it was their anniversary, but didn't bring any proof. The restaurant manager was called to speak with the couple. When the manager asked to hear about the wedding day, the wife replied with the following: "Oh, it was a wonderful Sunday afternoon, birds were chirping, and flowers were in full bloom." 

    After nearly 10 minutes of ranting, she comes to tell him that today was their 28th wedding anniversary. "How lovely", the manager said, "However, you do not qualify for the discount. Today is not your anniversary, you are a liar". How did the manager know that it wasn't their anniversary?




    The Answer:

    The calendar repeats itself every 28 years. So, if they were married on a Sunday 28 years ago, the day they were at the restaurant would also have to be a Sunday. Because it was a Thursday, the manager knew they were lying, and kicked them out of the restaurant.

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    Many Things At Once

    The Riddle:

    I am a bird, I am a fruit, and I am a person. What am I? 




    The Answer:

    A Kiwi.

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    Two Sisters

    The Riddle:

    Two sisters we are, one is dark and one is fair. In twin towers dwelling we're quite the pair. One from land and one from sea. Tell us truly, who are we?




    The Answer:

    Salt and pepper.

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    Needy Fruit

    The Riddle:

    What fruit never ever gets lonely? 




    The Answer:

    A pear.