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READ Food: Some Of Most Efficient + Healthy  

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List Rules Healthy + Efficient if in a balanced diet, and exercise. NOTE: I am not a Doctor, NOR a Certified Nutritionist....I simply have read a lot in the past, AND I have tried many nutritional foods, and regimen' hands on experience of trial, and error with foods is higher than average.

I have only one primary food item on this list that some would argue as not very healthy; however, it made the list due to EFFICIENCY, and it is healthy to eat every now and then in a balanced diet

Legumes / Beans Legumes = Absorbable Protein + Fiber. The protein is already broken down into amino acid form, and the liver does not have to break down the protein; thus is easier on one's liver than eating too much meat regularly.

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Brown rice Easily digestible gluten free fiber grain.  Is ok for people who are gluten intolerant. (Corn Grits, and Oatmeal are other good grain options...)

Lemon Juice and Water Lemon Juice + Water = Alkaline Vitamin C source; Alkalinity helps contorl apetite. High acidity in the body makes a person hungry when they should not be hungry. Drink plenty of water, and Lemon juice added to water is both ...

Vegetable Juice Mixed Vegetables are already mixed, and juiced for easy absorption when purchasing Vegetable Juice at the store.

Apples Longer shelf life than Bananas.

Bananas Convenient and easy to eat quickly, but do not buy too many at once because they turn brown in just a few days; that is why apples top bananas on this list. Bananas are a good potassium source which help people's PH balance who ...

Boiled Eggs Simply boil an egg, and eat as good protein, and DHEA hormone source, and you do not have residue to scrape off the boiling pot, or a dirty dish; simply shell the egg, and eat by hand.

Lowfat Milk Quick and Easy carbohydrate + whey protein source + Calcium source to drink when in a hurry, and only leaves one glass, or cup to clean at a time.

Unsweet Yogurt Tastes good stirred in Lowfat Milk.

Rotisserie Chicken Convenient meat protein source to buy already cooked in most Grocery Stores including in Wal Mart, and SAMS

Canned Vegetables Pre-Cooked Simply bring to a boil, and then eat. The canning process is known to preserve the freshness of food.

Burgers, Burritos Dollar Menu Burgers, Chargrilled Chicken Sandwiches, and Bean, Steak, or Chicken Burritos are a healthy source of protein to eat every now and then within a balanced diet...AND ARE QUICK AND EFFICIENT at various fast food ...

Apple Cider Vinegar For soups, and to add to Legumes / Bean dishes mixed with Brown Rice...Apple cider makes these dishes tasty, and adds health value...and is efficiently inexpensive.

Onion Powder Often Onion powder is more convenient than cutting up Onions, and dried onion powder has a longer shelf life than fresh onions..

Garlic Powder Often Garlic powder is more convenient than cutting up Garlic, and has a longer shelf life than the Garlic bulbs.

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Sea Salt A good salt option.

Butter Regular butter is a convenient, efficient, inexpensive cooking oil with a long shelf life in the refridgerator; if you want cooking oil however is not necessary in the food selections on this list, although, it may ...

Raisins Good fiber, and antioxidant source; can be mixed with Walnut, and Sunflower Seeds...PERHAPS SUNFLOWER SEEDS AND RAISINS would be a prefered mix...

Prunes Antioxidant and good fiber for digestion, is tasty eaten alone, or can be mixed with pecans, almonds, walnuts, or sunflower seeds....

Various Nuts And Seeds WARNING: Quite a few people are dangerously allergic to peanuts.  Other good Nut Suggestions are Pecans, Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Sunflower Seed, and Pumpkin Seed.

Canned Salmon, Mackerel Canned Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna, or other fish that are NOT shellfish. WHY Shellfish is not a preference = Shelfish are scavengers that eat the poop of the floor of bodies of water...etc..Shellfish basically serve as our water ...

Unsweetened Grape Juice Grape or other unsweetened juices (the natural sugar in fruits are connected to antioxidants and are healthy with limited consumption) Read ingredients....and be certain there is no added sweetener, and no "High ...

EAT WHAT WANT Note Eat that Big Mac, or Any restaurant you want; HOWEVER, the above list is a healthy + efficiently inexpensive food list...TO HAVE AS A BASE....There is nothing wrong with going for the extra Food Rewards every now and then...I ...