The 14 Most Delicious Food Tattoos

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We all love food, let's be honest, but there are those of us who like it a bit too much! We have collected the most interesting edible tattoos we could find, and it makes us hungry just to look at them! You don't need a tramp stamp or a tribal tattoo. Instead, show your love for all things delicious with an awesome food tattoo, like the ones on this list of the coolest tattoos of food.

From realistic pictures of bacon to minimalistic, black and white tattoos of avocados, we've seen them all! These tattoos range from complex to simple and can be found all over the human body. Vote up the best food tattoo ideas below and then go get yourself some mac 'n cheese.


  • 1. This Peachy Ink

    This Peachy Ink
    Photo: Pinterest
  • 2. This Super Realistic Ice Cream Sandwich

    This Super Realistic Ice Cream Sandwich
    Photo: Pinterest
  • 3. This Picture Worth Framing

    This Picture Worth Framing
    Photo: Pinterest
  • 4. This Arm Candy

    This Arm Candy
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