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The 20 Craziest Food-Related World Records

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The Guinness Book of World Records was originally used as a reference for bars to keep on hand to settle bar bets about the biggest, smallest, fasted, longest, and weirdest things in the world. Now with the advent of the Internet, a physical book is no longer needed to settle a bet, but the tradition of wanting to be the biggest and best at something has not faded away. 

Nowadays, it is less about topping someone else's record, and more about coming up with a record that nobody has tried yet. Especially when it comes to food. This list includes ridiculous things such as the most oysters eaten in three minutes, the biggest hot dog on the market, the most milkshakes made with someone's nose, and more. You would think that there isn't any uncharted territory left for food-related records, but someone always manages to come up with another batch of crazy and pointless feats for the next year.

Hungry? Feas on these 20 of the most insane food-related world records out there right now. Which ones do you think are the most impressive? One thing's for certain, you probably won't be in the mood to eat after this list!

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    Most Milkshakes Dispensed From Someone's Nose

    Gary Bashaw, Jr. from the U.S. swallowed a bunch of milkshake ingredients in 1999 and then expelled 1.82 ounces of mixed milkshake from his nose. 
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    Most Stinging Nettles Eaten in One Minute

    Photo: Ben Cody / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain
    Who in their right mind would eat anything with the word "stinging" right in the name? The answer is Alex Williams, who ate over five feet of stinging nettles in one minute in the UK in 2005. Ouch.
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    Most Big Macs Consumed by One Person

    U.S. man Donald Gorske ate his 26,000th Big Mac in 2012 as part of his ritual of eating one per day. Somehow, he is still alive.
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    Highest Toast-Popping Toaster

    Who knows why this would be useful in any circumstance, but the toaster designed by Freddie Yauner of the United Kingdom can launch toasted bread 8.6 feet into the air.
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