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Food You've Been Eating Wrong This Whole Time

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Human beings have a tendency to make things more difficult then they really need to be, a fact borne out by this list of food you've been eating wrong. What's that, you say? There are ways to eat without having to deal with tiny little hermetically-sealed packages and slimy spills? Well, yes.

In most cases, the manufacturers of these products were just trying to make their foods easier to consume, a not-insignificant feat considering many of these items can be messy and frustrating. Fortunately, they've left us clues on how you're actually supposed to eat certain foods. Even better, employing the intended techniques isn't time consuming in the least, and you just may be able to find a better, more efficient way to fully enjoy the snacks you love.

Read on to learn some food hacks you never knew, and soon you will be impressing your friends with your way-cool foodie knowledge, from tearing into Chinese takeout to dunking your fries with ease.

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    Chinese Takeout

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    The white cardboard takeout box is just as much a staple of American Chinese food as orange chicken and Mongolian beef. And next time you get Chinese delivery, you won't even need to dirty a plate. Those white cardboard boxes collapse with little effort into makeshift plates or serving platters.

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    There's no wrong way to eat cake. The cutting of the cake, however, can be a messy undertaking, and one misstep can smear frosting and dismantle carefully-assembled layers. The solution? Dental floss! Use strong, unscented floss, wind it around your fingers like you would if you were about to floss your teeth, then slice it through the cake to make neat, clean pieces.

    Bonus tip: you can use the same technique to quickly cut a cake into layers.

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    Baked Eggs

    Instead of boiling eggs, you can bake them! Baking the eggs can make the egg texture creamier and stink up your apartment less.

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    Some people prefer sipping their soda through a straw. And just because you're drinking out of a can doesn't mean you can't still be in total control of your consumption. Once you pop the tab, just swing the tab around so it hangs over the opening; this way, you'll have a holder through which you can keep your straw in place.

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